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Let’s Visit One of The Most Creative Offices of India!

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While Facebooking, we came across this amazingly creative office of SutraHR which is set in Mumbai. You might start hating your workplace, after having a glance of this office. So proceed ahead with caution!

Here is where their HR team work!

The excellent HR team in their cosy room.

And here is where their Product Team work!

The awesome Product team working hard to get the best talent for our clients.

This is where they brainstorm.

This is where we brainstorm.

And this is where they relax!

This is where we relax.

This is the place for a quick stand-up meet!

Quick standup meeting Here's the place.

And this is the lounge. 

Sutra Lounge

Here is where they have food!

Here'ws where we have our lunch and dinner.

Look how creative their conference room is.

Conference room

And the meeting room.


One more from the meeting room.

Meeting room SutraHR’s office is surely one of the most creative offices we’ve ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to work at such places. What do you think? Add your views in comments below.

[Photos Courtesy: SutraHR]

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