Movie Review Bas Ek Chance

Movie Review: Bas Ek Chance

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Abhishek Jain started the process of transformation in Gujarati cinema three years back with his directorial debut Kevi Rite Jaish. First urban Gujarati movie received very good reviews, from both audiences and critics. And that changed Gujarati cinema forever. More young directors started joining the league. The latest directors to join the league are Ishan Randeria and Kirtan Patel. This month, two urban Gujarati movies released across Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra. Gujjubhai the great and Bas Ek Chance. I got opportunity to watch Bas Ek Chance. So I’ll be reviewing it today on BuddyBits.

Bas Ek Chance Review

Story (3/5)

From the trailer of Bas Ek Chance, one can pretty much guess the story. There is nothing unique in the story. A young engineer, Aditya Kapadia wants to make a movie and Bas Ek Chance revolves around how the lead has to go through all the struggles to achieve his dreams.

Performances (4/5)

Brijesh Patel, the lead played by Aditya Kapadia is a good one. But I was the most impressed with the role of Brijesh’s father, which is played by Rajeev Mehta. Rajeev Mehta has acted in the film very brilliantly as always. Antagonist played by Mushtaq Khan is not so impressive though. Hemang Dave’s role in the film as a producer is good. One expects something from the e-comedian Smit Pandya. But his lines in the movie were not upto the mark. I don’t know whose fault it was, but they would’ve taken more from Smit.

Direction (3.5/5)

Now let’s talk about the technical side of the film. Direction of the film is good. What I liked the most about this film is its cinematography. Some of the scenes in the movie are visual treat and so good that they are even better than many bollywood films. Movie lacked continuity. I guess they didn’t have a good line producer.

Music (3.5/5)

Background music is dull in the first half. But I’m glad that it changed in the second half. Songs and lyrics of the film are good. Music is pleasant to ears and you would love to hear the songs even after the movie.

Overall (3.5)

First half of the movie is dull. Second half of the movie is good. Last twenty minutes saves the movie. Good direction, good performances and good music. If we neglect few technical points of the movie, it’s a good movie overall. You should definitely give one chance to Bas Ek Chance! Must watch for aspiring film makers.

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