Will Rahul Yadav really enter in Bigg Boss 9?

Will Rahul Yadav really enter in Bigg Boss 9

So September is here and as every year, the news of the new season of the most popular Indian TV reality show have coming out and fans of the show have started getting excited as every year. Couple of days back we heard about the internet sensation Rahul Yadav joining the new season of controversial reality show. Rahul himself posted it on his social media pages, but will he really join the show?

Rahul Yadav Bigg Boss

Why Rahul might not join the show?

Those who follow the show know that the first rule of the contract of the show is not to reveal about their participation in the show before it launches. All contestants are bound to sign a contract before entering the show which says contestants are not allowed to reveal about their participation. The show is very strict about the secrecy of the contestants. Hence, in past, the show has changed contestants at the last moment. And in Rahul Yadav’s case, he is openly posting about his participation which is violation of the contract. So this can be another marketing gimmick of Rahul Yadav.

Why Rahul might join the show?

If Rahul Yadav is correct, this might be a marketing gimmick by the show. As everyone knows, Rahul Yadav is the sensation in startup world of India. He is the most talked and the most controversial entrepreneur right now. So if the showmakers want to grab more audience for the show, Rahul Yadav is the only way to attract entire startup community to watch their show. Hence they might have allowed Rahul Yadav to reveal about his participation. That way both, the show and Rahul can grab enough attention before the show.

What do you think? Will he join the show or not? Add your views in comments.