10 Things We All Experienced During College Life

10 Things We All Experienced During College Life

College is the place which people miss the most after getting boring corporate jobs for obvious reasons. For one thing you are no one’s puppet, you are free like a bird, totally stress free. In that time life is an experiment and world is your laboratory.  For many of us “Bunker” is the middle name.

In those times, we all did a lot of crazy stuff which we just can’t get enough of talking about them when we get together with our college buddies or should I say partners in crime ;).

I am sharing some of those moments or experiences I’m sure we all had during our college life:


“Mom, I’m going at my friend’s home to read I have exams coming”, you all must have said this line and then flew off to movies or long drives with your friends.


Playing Counter Strike in computer labs, in library, in canteen, basically anywhere possible.


Sneaking out from classroom window when professor turns to board.


There is one master copy of every assignment, every lab report created by the geek of the class and whole class copies from without changing a single word.


Owls sleep in day and stay awake at night likewise every class has a bunch of owls which chats with their gf/bf or watch movies all night and sleeps in the class.


Wearing funky clothes and wearing cool accessories to impress people around.


You are in Raj and Simran kind of love every other week with a new girl.


You fall in some addiction as you have a mixture of friends with different thinking and nature. Some of them are good or some of them are dangerous to have.


Going to new places and take some cool pics for Facebook profile or Whatsapp DP. 🙂


Never miss first day first show on every random movies.

One author said that, “It would be great to go to college for the rest of my life” so going to college is always full of fun.

I’m sure you all had experienced many or all of these moments in your college life.

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Jeel Joshi
Pursued a degree of engineering in computer science and currently working in an I.T company. Three 'S' describes her personality. A simple, shy and silent girl. She is interested in writing, cooking and dancing. She believes in the "power of words" which can change the world, can make someone happy or sad. She loves to bake her ideas with pen and paper. Her dream is to pursue the art of writing and she believes, one day her words will create the magic!

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10 Things We All Experienced During College Life

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