21 Amazing Facts about Brain

21 Amazing Facts about Brain

Oxygen shortage to brain for more than 5 minutes can cause permanent damage to your brain. Your brain can die! Did you know that? There are several amazing facts about brain we don’t know. Have a look.


One uses only 10% of his/ her brain during his/ her entire life. You’ve heard this. Right? Well it’s not true. Every part of your brain has a purpose.


Brain is the fattest part of human body. It is made of 60% fat, which is the maximum of any organ can have in human body.


We all have 70,000 thoughts each day!


The slowest speed any brain can pass the information is 260 mph, which is the speed of world’s superfast car.


When we are awake, our brains can generate up to 23 watts of power. Which is enough to to power a small light bulb.


It takes five different areas in your brain to make efforts to laugh at a joke.


If you are snoring, you are not dreaming.


Most people have 4 to 7 dreams every night. 50% of which are forgotten five minutes after one wakes up.


Our brain is made up of 75% of water.


Brain cannot feel pain as it does not have any pain receptors.


Size of your brain when you were born was almost same as it is right now!


Talking and reading aloud as a young child can promote development of your brain.


20% of the total oxygen of your body is used by brain.


Yawning provide oxygen to your brain. Yawning is your body’s way to cool down overheated brain.


Human brain can live without oxygen only for 4 to 6 minutes. After this period it begin to die.


You are creating a new connection in your brain when you visit your memory, gain knowledge or have a new thought.


Lack of sleep can damage ability of brain to create new memories. So sleep is important.


Music can boost brain organization. Music can relax your brain.


There is a virus which attacks human DNA to make people less intelligent.


Brain treats rejection as a physical pain.


Half of our brain can be removed by surgery without any apparent effect on memory or personality.

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