3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Risk Free

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Risk Free

What is the actual definition of risk ? Is there a risk in entrepreneurship ?

While studying MBA, one of my favourite subjects was entrepreneurship. There has always been something which fascinated me about this word. The case studies I had solved and things I had studied about different aspects of business always inspired to be an entrepreneur. I always wanted to start something on my own right after completing the college. When talking about it with family and friends, I had always been told:

You have got good grades and now have a decent job in some MNC. Starting a business is very risky. Do not end up wasting precious years of your life. Its risky. blah blah..

Instead of being a rebel I took a middle path. After being advised by university professors and industry experts, I decided to take up a job which interested me and was aligned with what I actually wanted to accomplish in the years to come. To understand ground realities of business I also worked in a start up of 9 employees. It has been 2 years since I started my venture with a team of  highly enthusiastic and genius people having expertise in different areas. Some time  ago I just connected the dots back words and tried to find out a pattern of events, mistakes I have made and learning I have got so far. I feel like sharing a different perspective on ‘risk and entrepreneurship’ based on my own experience

I Need to give a disclaimer that  I am neither a professional writer nor a seasoned public speaker. Whatever I am writing here is coming straight from my heart.

Why is there no risk in entrepreneurship?

1. Amount of learning you get

Being the main decision maker of my start up I have been dealing with lot many people. CA for financial things, my Lawyer for legal things, founder of other start ups and customers . It is a tremendous amount of learning which I would have never got working as an employee. Every single day starts with a new challenge and a problem to solve.

2. Professional Network you create during start up phase

As a CEO of my start up I have been dealing with the owners of other IT firms very often regarding various business matters. By now, I know a good amount of decision makers in my own domain. Once I had shared my concern in one of the start up events:

What if I fail? What if my start up doesn’t do well and what if I have to shut down?

These start up owners have witnessed my hard work, dedication and learning I have been getting. There were almost 2 owners who came to me and told ‘ In case you fail , just give me a call and the very next day you will be on board. It would be my privilege to hire some one who has learnt so much at this young age’. Also, there will always be few start ups which would be ready to make you a part of their team as a co-founder.

3. There is always a job available

There are plenty of companies in the market which value the learnings you have got from your entrepreneurship experience. They will be ready to give you a role of high responsibilities with much better salary which you could not have got with a traditional career path.

The fear is fun! Embrace it. 🙂

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