An Open Letter To Ravana

An open letter to Ravana

Dear Ravana,

Every year, we burn your statue up and celebrate truth’s victory over evil. But, that’s not how I recalled you today. I saw some news in a random old newspaper, when I was buying my Jalebi-Faafda. The news was about some girl being raped in some part of India. I’m unable to recall, who the girl was or in which state did it happen…because I’ve become so used to all this. Every evening I switch on the News, and some lady in some part of our country, was raped. We all have become so used to it. But every year, we celebrate your death by saying that good has won over evil. Like, seriously?

I don’t think you are evil. Because you don’t even qualify evil as per today’s standards (talking about standards and qualifications, I know you were a Brahmin…hence in General category, so you won’t get a reserved quota seat either. Sorry!). What you did back then, is ‘Slightly Naughty’ by today’s standards. Kinda, cute for today’s people. Ya…I know…You kidnapped a lady in haste. But what you did after that, is not even thought of by most of the men in this country. You gave the lady more respect, than what we give to a lady in today’s world. You offered her good food…and shelter…and FEMALE Security Guards (But we have to accept…they were ugly!). You respected her dignity by not touching her…or by passing on nasty comments on her, even though you had all the control. Your marriage proposal was full of humility…At least you didn’t throw acid on her face when rejected. Even when Lord Rama killed you, you had the guts to accept your mistake and apologize. (Supposing, that the political ‘leaders’ of my country are reading this). Talking about Politics, I know you were more educated than half of our Parliament.

Talking about evil, I hope they broadcasted the Delhi-rape case’s news up there. Followed by, God knows how many, such similar cases. After knowing this, Ravana…evil…LOL.

I remember, as a kid mumma would tell me…’Har insaan me bhagwaan basta hai. Ek din woh bhagwaan baahar aa jaaega…Aur har koi Ram hoga…Har koi Krishna. Phir puri duniya achhi ho jaaegi.’, and I would go to sleep like a baby. Aaj sochta hu…Ram toh dur ki baat…Raavan hi bann jaao….Aisa insaan hone se toh achha hi hai…

No hard feelings dude.
Cheers mate….’Dus sar waale’!

A modern day Indian man.

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Shardul Makwe

Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?

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