Can We Learn More from People with Similar Views as Ours

Can We Learn More from People with Similar Views as Ours?

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We can usually learn more from people whose views we share than from people whose views contradict our own. Disagreement can cause stress and inhibit learning.

The statement above generalises on the opinion that we tend to learn more from a person whose views we share than from a person whose views we disagree with.

According to me, I opine that a person learns more from contradicting views as contradicting views open up a plethora of perspectives available for the topic. It highlights how judgemental we were and blocked our grey matter in learning from a new perspective. We ourselves would be to blame for lack of knowledge in future. The best example would be Question Answer platforms with Quora being the epitome of gaining knowledge from different views. Different answers and views throw light on how the reader did not think.

Secondly, I believe that it is of little to no benefit in learning our views from another mouth. We would already know what the person is going to speak and consequently pay less attention. That in turn inhibits learning and a self made barrier is established. Our views though similar stonewall gain of knowledge.

Besides, if the views are in total agreement then there is little to discuss. The football world thrives on the debate of who among Cristiano Ronaldo 7 and Lionel Messi 10 is a better player. Were the case that everyone agreed that CR7 is a better player after he won his first Balon d’Or i.e. FIFA Player Of The Year before LM10 the world would have probably never understood how good a player Messi is. Nonetheless, Messi still proved his mettle by winning it 4 times in a row after CR7 got his first.

However I do think that sharing common views is beneficial as the focus of the talk wont be on proving which view is better but rather building upon existing views. Here is an example. A father one asked his son to count the number of sticks put in front of him. The son correctly replied 99. Now the father added 1 more stick and asked him to count again. The son nonplussed without calculating again from 0 exclaimed that he din’t know what succeeds the number 99. And then the world of 3 digit numbers opened in front of him.

Hence, I would like to conclude that contradicting views make sure that every perspective is looked upon while similar views help innovate. Someone invented a wheel centuries ago. MacMillan added a wheel to it to give us the 2 wheeled bicycle. But we only got a car because Benz added 2 more wheels to it.

Yash Tamakuwala
Yash is a computer engineering student (by will), a die-hard football fan and a tech nerd. He likes to put his grey matter in pressure by solving and playing puzzle games. He enjoys brain storming and laying one-liner puns in a group adding to his humour factor.