List of Top 10 Best Gujarati Garba Songs

List of Top 10 Best Gujarati Garba Songs

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Before going to the best ten Gujarati Garbas, it is vital to know something about it without fail. Do you have any idea about Gujarati Garbas? If not, just read the article further. Garbas is nothing but a kind of dance initiated from Gujarati people. The literal meaning of the term “Garba” means womb. Generally, the Garbas will be performed during the event of navaratri.

Navaratri is nothing but a festival, which will be celebrated for nine days. This navaratri festival is very famous for devoting goddesses Durga and Shakthi. This festival is very familiar in north India while comparing to south India. For performing this Garbas dance, traditional and conventional costumes are needed.

Both women and men of Gujarati community would wear colorful and eye catching costume for this dance. Generally, the outfit of men would be pajamas, short kurta and a pagris on top of their head. And the costume of women would be choli. Choli contains totally three pieces, which include shawl, bottom and short top. Being it a traditional costume, you could address small mirrors, glass and other shells in this costume.

While coming to accessories, women would wear jhumkas, churas, kanganas and other conventional jewels. As I said, the festival will be active for nine days, each day, men and women wear unique color for performing this Garbas. The colors include rd, green, yellow, pink and more. But do you think costume and makeup are enough for performing this dance? I do not think so. Rather, this dance demands songs that are specially created for performing Garbas.

There are various Garbas songs are addressable but among that, you should consider the topmost songs. The list of top 10 Gujarati Garbas songs is as follows.

List of Top 10 Best Gujarati Garbas

  1. Tara Via Shyam
  2. Kukda Tari Boli
  3. Dholida Dhol Dheemo
  4. Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje
  5. Ramto Bhamto Jay
  6. Ek Var Bolu
  7. Avo To Ramvane
  8. Odhani Odhu
  9. Kesariyo Rang
  10. Mahendi Te Vavi

You can select any of your favourite song from the above list for performing Garbas.

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