10 Tips for Pocket Friendly Travelling

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10 Tips for Pocket Friendly Budget Travelling

Travelling always make people happy, no matter, where they go. Rather they would be happy to travel long with their family and friends. But at the same time, people would love to go for budget travelling. That is, they want to enjoy as well they expect to travel at affordable cost. But they do not know how to get affordable travelling? Just follow the article and get known about that via the ten useful tips.

1. Fix a Budget for Daily Travel

Rather spending money on your own way, it would be better if you stick with some amount daily. That is, you can create a note for your daily budget. You can decide, today only this amount should be spent and the next day, only that amount would be spent. If you do, you can able to spend limited amount. By that you can save some money.

2. Track Every Single Penny

Have the habit of noting down an every penny or dollar that is spent either in your diary or other notebook. By doing so, you can able to address where your money has gone uselessly. And you can avoid those expenses the other day.

3. Travel Slowly

Rather travelling fast and spending more fuel,it would be better to travel slowly. Slow travel does not cause any accidents and let you think where the affordable places to stay and eat.

4. Avoid Alcohol and Smoke

Yes, while you are in travel, you should not drink and smoke. Since, those two things will eat a big portion of your budget. Being it a new city,you do not know where to get cheap and best alcohol. So, better you avoid that and save some money.

5. Eat Where Locals Do

Rather having food in a fair and star type hotel, it would be a wise idea to have foods at local restaurants like street foods, stand up restaurants and more. The reason is that, that is the only place where you can have reasonable foods. This will help you to save some money.

6. Use Public Transportation

Of course, you need to spend more money from your pocket, if you thought of hiring any call taxi or hire cars. Rather, the ideal option would be catching public transportation for moving from one place to another.

7. Stay in Lodges/ Hostels

Enquire for cheap and best lodges for staying in. If you do so, you can even stay for a long time without any hesitations. Added to that, you can save some big sum of money.

8. Don’t Waste Money in Buying Useless Things

Some people would buy the decors and other complimentary items. But do not do this, since you want to go for budget travel. So, do not let your money be wasted in that kind of activities.

9. Shop at Markets

If so, if you want to buy anything, you could buy that on markets. Even you can address best things at markets as well.

10. Don’t Quit

Until you achieve your goal, don’t give up.

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