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We are back with Startup Talk yet again. In this season, we will feature a couple of young entrepreneurs who left their jobs, dropped out of education, escaped social life to live their passion of entrepreneurship. In this season, we will feature passionate entrepreneurs who are willing to risk everything for their dreams.

Today, we are featuring the story of an entrepreneur from Ahmedabad who quit his job to fill the gap he saw in his domain of expertise. Find out how Kalrav Shah started his company and is planning to scale up his business in our conversation. Here are excerpts from our conversation.

Who is Kalrav Shah? Tell us something about you.

Kalrav is the management guy having a good amount of experience in business development who founded this company first in December 2013 and after around 7 months Minkesh Patel joined as co-founder who was having experience in Salesforce domain and is technically strong.

Tell us something about your company CloudTechy Technologies.

CloudTechy Technologies LogoCloudTechy technologies focuses on CRM services on Salesforce platform. Apart from Salesforce implementation service, we are providing other app implementation services such as Apttus Configure price quote, Contract life cycle management, X-author for Excel etc. We are having a very good amount of experience in this domain. Currently we are dealing with US, UK and Australia based clients through which our major revenue comes.

What’s the story behind CloudTechy? How was it born?

During my short stint in marketing department of a start up using Salesforce, I was fascinated with the extent of innovation this technology could provide in CRM solutions. I researched more on it and realized that despite many players in CRM market, there is a dearth of quality driven services based on Salesforce. Also it is a business with good ROI. So I decided to start my own venture which can provide services to the clients who are looking to develop or migrate their business to Salesforce.

How much time and money did it cost to initiate this venture?

Initially we had invested in co working space with nominal rent of around 4000 INR per month and having personal laptops we had started working on client projects. We did trial projects of several clients and they liked our work and after that we started getting a good amount of money.

Tell us about the team behind CloudTechy Technologies.

Minkesh Patel and Kalrav Shah
Minkesh Patel and Kalrav Shah

From the founding team I focus on business aspects and Minkesh looks after the technical aspects.

Apart from both of us, there are 5 full time developers and 4 reliable and trustworthy freelancers with whom I have been working since long.

Why did you chose business over startup?

We started our career by doing a job in IT sector and very soon we realized that the income which we used to make was very low and we thought that if we directly started taking the projects from US clients then we could increase our income significantly and hence we started business.

What makes CloudTechy different from competitors?

Cloudtechy is providing services of Salesforce which is also provided by a number of other competitors as well but the thing which makes the difference is the product knowledge of app which is in demand and the skillset is very less in market as compared to Salesforce development skill and hence we are providing various services of Apttus products built on Salesforce platform and several other products built on Salesforce which help us to differentiate from our competitors.

What challenges are you facing right now?

Cloud computing is increasing at fast pace and Salesforce adoption is increasing day by day but skillset has not increased. We used to train developers in-house to meet the resource requirements but again we need good experienced persons who can work with minimum governance and that is major challenge which we are facing right now.

What is your future plan with CloudTechy Technologies?

Future plans of Cloudtechy is to retain existing customer and generate more business revenue out of it and we are planning to enter into the emerging market where Salesforce is growing at fast pace such as Australia, Japan and UK.  We are also planning to invest the money we are making from services in to in building up a product.

What keeps you motivated?

Money is always a motivating factor for us but apart from that another motivating factor is to create job opportunities for other people and give them a better platform to grow.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Look for the problems that people are facing which you are able to resolve and then work in that direction. Always focus on increasing revenue and minimize risk factor which affects your business. Any Startup is having three phases; Sustain, Stable and Grow. Once you are able to sustain with your business model move towards making it sustainable and after that you can plan on scaling up.

What do you think about BuddyBits?

I met Nishit 2 years ago, when I had just started CloudTechy. In last two years BuddyBits is growing steadily. I am sure it is going to be very popular few years down the line. All the best in advance to Nishit and his team.

Thank you for your wishes. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.

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