Things I Learnt While Living Away From Family

Things I Learnt While Living Away From Family

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Let me tell you a little story. A family once possessed a little canary. They gave it food, water, shelter and everything it ever needed. But, one day…the cage became too small for the canary…Its wings had outgrown its very own home…it was time for it to fly away. And the family being its caretaker…opened the cage. With the shining rays of the rising sun, the bird flew away.

This was one part of the story…of the canary we all possess within ourselves. Doesn’t matter how comfortable your cage is, it’s still a cage. And some day, you’ll have to fly away from your very own family, for your very own fortune. But that’s when life truly begins. Take it this way, throughout your childhood, you were living in a simulation game, which replicated the real life…Now that you move out on your own, the game actually begins.

There’s one amazing thing- doesn’t matter whether you were taught these things by your family, or not. Life, in some or the other way, will teach you. And these will eventually make the man out of the boy, &the lady out of the girl.

1. Taking Care of Your Money

Invest like a banker, or save like a miser, when you find your wallet already empty in the middle of the month, the oh-i-have-to-see-this movies would no longer be interesting. Better find a part time job.

2. Cooking for Yourself

When your stomach grumbles in the middle of the night, no friend/ chef/ lovie-dovie/ bhai-hai-apna would wake up to cook for you. Maggie (now available!) would soon become the mid-night delicacy.

3. Meeting people, really

For everyone in your hometown, you’ve always been Sharma jika beta or Vermajikibeti.When you go through this transition, your id changes to 3rd year walaRaju or 2nd year waali Pinky. Get used to meeting people, with your own identity.

4. Asking for help

Yes, it isn’t that simple. Back at home, everyone in the neighborhood was your extended family. But in hostel, if you can’t ask for help…you better grow 6 more hands, and 2 more legs to get all the work done in time!

5. 24 hours/ day is hoax

When you finish up your 3rd cup of coffee, and the clock ticks 3 in the morning, but you need to finish up your assignment…even the shining moon from your window will soon wish you good bye, as the sun would come saying good morning…While you’re still working!

Most importantly, it teaches you how to live. Not things like breathing, eating, running, or sleeping…But breathing calmly, when you find your wallet empty. Eating when the food is shitty, but you’re hungry. Running while being 15 mins late for the class…and sleeping in the class…because the night was too small for you to finish up the assignments, and yet sleep. You’ll see the worst and best of yours…just be there, take a deep breath…and smile.

Shardul Makwe

Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?