Top 5 Tips for Solo Travellers

Top 5 Tips for Solo Travellers

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Ever imagined, what if Columbus had used Google Maps to discover Americas? Or, what if Vasco Da Gama had used Oyo Rooms to book himself a hotel room in Goa? Well, then things would have been simpler and less dramatic. You aren’t here to make things dramatic, but are out there to make things simpler to explore. So, let’s make things simpler for you:

Pre- Plan your stay

This advice isn’t for you, if your prefer sleeping on a wooden bench in some random park, on a cold night in an unknown town, and that too on the first night of your dream voyage. If you don’t prefer it, do make sure to book your stay for the first night. If you really want to know the place, try a hostel or probably a community based apartment, to make things warmer for yourself. And if you’re a gujju, this way, you’ll save a buck or two.

Do your homework

And please, go beyond Google. The travel suggestions you receive after googling ‘top places to visit in XYZ town’, are too flowery. Instead, try referring some authentic travel blogs. Call up a random hotel in your ‘prospective’ town, and tell them that you’re planning to stay there when you visit the town.

And there you go, you’ll be guided for all the lanes and roads, and hills and mills- everything worth watching in that town. And if you do like their advice, you may even stay at the hotel actually!

Follow your gut

No… I’m no Steve Jobs, but yes, I would suggest you to follow your instinct. If something doesn’t seem normal or makes you uncomfortable, just don’t do it. There’re other ways to try adventure.

Try being in Open & Crowded spaces at Night

(Unless you’re on a honeymoon, in which case you’re reading the incorrect article!) This way you would be introduced to the actual, authentic night life of any place. Also, try asking some stranger to order/ suggest food. This way, you get to interact, and try the local delicacies. That li’l thing called Smartphone, use it Smartly: Your smartphone can save you, if you can actually be smart with it. For instance, you may use apps like Glympse to let your family and friends know about your location. Always check for updates from tourism department of your prospective destination, and keep a check on the weather conditions.

Pack up, is where you start

Well, you should carry all your necessary stuff. And carrying all that is necessary, won’t need more than a bag. So pack your identification proof in multiple copies, and place them in different places/bags if you’re carrying. The same goes with cash. Also, try and avoid carrying less of physical money, using online payments you’ll avail more offers, in a safer way.

And, always be yourself. Unless, you can be Batman ya, then be Batman. The mountains, the monuments, the people, the songs, the rights of the food, and the unsaid wrongs- they’re here for you to explore. From your outside, to your inside.

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