Where to get the Best Dal Baati in Udaipur

Where to get the Best Dal Baati in Udaipur?

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If you’re a foodie like me, first thing that comes to your mind when you are in Udaipur is Dal Baati. Yes. Dal Baati is the most famous Rajasthani dish. Couple of days ago, I travelled to Udaipur. And like many of internet users, I too, searched for the best Dal Baati in Udaipur. But didn’t get proper information. So I decided to find it out after reaching to Udaipur.

I wanted to eat authentic Rajasthani Dal Baati. So after reaching Udaipur, I asked couple of rikshaw walas and local shopkeepers about the best Dal Baati in the city. Many of them suggested me Krishna’s Dal Baati. Krishna Dining Hall is situated near the Gulab Baug Road in Udaipur. Any local rikshaw will help you reach there.

So, on the first glance, the place looked average to me. But as it is said, don’t judge the book by its cover. So I decided to give this place a try. I asked the waiter for the menu to check all Rajasthani dishes. But he said, they only serve Dal Baati (Rajasthani Thali). So I ordered it.

As I was their first customer of the day, they made me wait for twenty minutes. The owner said they don’t keep food prepared. They make it fresh. “Food should better worth the wait.”, I said in my mind.

So after twenty minutes, they served me Papad and Chutney (Yellow one). And as I was trying the chutney, waiter started serving.

The Thali had so many items. Salad, shimla mirch ka achaar (pickle), chhach (butter milk), green chutney, garlic chutney, Gatte Ki Sabji, Dal, Baati (with lots of Ghee) and Churma in the sweets. Phew!

We generally have Sabji with Roti, so I thought as I had the Gatte Ki Sabji, Roti might be on the way. But the guy stated that we are supposed to have Gatte Ki Sabji with Baati. So I crushed Baati, added Garlic Chutney, Green Chutney, Gatte Ki Sabji and Dal in it. And as soon as I started having it, the owner suggested me to eat it with hands in stead of spoon. And I thought, let’s have authentic Rajasthani food, Rajasthani way. And I had it all! I was more than full in just one serving. And the owner said, everything is unlimited. And I almost laughed.

The taste was super awesome! That was undoubtedely the best Dal Baati I have ever had. You get entire dish for just Rs.210! Isn’t it amazing? I didn’t even had the capacity to have dinner that day after having this thali. Krishna Dining Hall is undoubtedely the best place to have Dal Baati in Udaipur.

Krishna Dining Hall in Udaipur

  • Address: 17, Jal Darshan Market, Gulab Bhag Road, Udaipur 313001, India
  • Contact Number: 90010 55322
  • Map Link: Click Here
  • Facebook Page: Click Here

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