Who will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 in second week?

Who will get evicted from Bigg Boss 9 on 10 January?

So our first prediction of the season didn’t come out to be true. We had predicted Vikas Bhalla’s eviction from Bigg Boss. But to our surprise, Ankit Gera got eliminated. He was believed to be one of the strongest contestants of the show.

But well, we are back with the prediction of Bigg Boss eviction in second week. This week, Aman Verma, Rimi Sen, Roopal Tyagi, Prince Narula and Mandana Karimi are nominated for the eviction. On second week, all strong contestants are nominated for the eviction. From these nominated contestants, Prince Narula and Mandana Karimi are definitely safe this week considering the drama they are creating or can create on the show. Aman Verma is another strong personality. He can be the glue that will hold the house in fights. So he too seems to be safe this week.

According to me, Rimi Sen and Roopal Tyagi will be in danger this week. Rimi Sen is not grabbing much footage on the show right now. But she has the potential. She has made many statements against Bigg Boss in first week. So Bigg Boss can use her attitude to set the house on fire. So from the nominated contestants only Roopal seems to be the weak link according to me. Her ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera is already out of the show. So potential of drama from Roopal is very less now. Hence she can be the one who will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 in second week. But considering first week’s eviction we can’t say firmly. Have a look at the eviction ratio.

Chance of Getting Evicted of Contestants

  1. Roopal Tyagi (60%)
  2. Rimi Sen (30%)
  3. Aman Verma (10%)
  4. Mandana Karimi (0%)
  5. Prince Narula (0%)

So according to BuddyBits, Roopal Tyagi will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 on second week of the show. Second elimination will happen on 25 October 2015. Let’s wait for the second eviction weekend to find out if we are right this time or not. For more updates from Bigg Boss 9 and around the world, stay tuned to BuddyBits.

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