10 Reasons Why Gujjus Love Garba

10 Reasons Why Gujaratis Love Garba

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Whoever wrote ‘Juice peevanu, carom ramvaanu…majaaani life’, forgot to add ‘garbo gaavano’ to it. Earth without gravity, accepted. Kohli playing a match without any abusive language, accepted. Emraan Hashmi featuring in all-clean animated movie, accepted! But a Gujju without Garba, complete NO- NO.

The reason why the most boring Patel saaheb you know, starts dancing in these days; or the most boring girl you’ve ever known becomes your all-time stunning 9-day crush, is Navratri. And well, Gujjus have their own reasons to love it:

1. Dance Basanti

It’s not limited to Basanti. If it’s Jay Jariwala and Veeru Shah, along with Thakur Makwana and Gabbar Gajjar, everyone will do Garba. Gujjus do Garba in wedding receptions, disco, fresher’s party, stock market rise, Modi’s win-well, then Navratri is just another excuse for Garba.

2. Coz its Sanedo, man

You might be George-Cool-Clooney. But if you don’t know ‘Sanedo’ steps, you’ll be looked down at. People wait for that too.

3. A kitty party for Uncle-log

Gujju women might be the most talkative ones, but men have business to be done. Navaratris are nights when, women go and indulge into Garba, while men may catch up with each other. (Although, they’ll end up talking about real estate-stock market-politics-Americano Visa!)

4. Every girl you know, soon becomes your crush

For some unknown reasons, chanyaa choli + graceful garba + somehow known identity of any girl can make boys feel weak in the knees, and this is what keeps them awaited for Navaratri. Some folks can’t dance, sing or shout during Navaratris. Well, they just see.

5. Last year’s dress, is still waiting

Yes, The ‘Finale Day’ dress belonging to last year will become the regular day dress for this one. Shopping for the last night, is

6. It means freedom, complete freedom

Gujjus may not allow their kids to be out, anything beyond 10. But Navaratri, is definitely an exception. Food and Long Drives, and More food and Night Outs- well, that’s another benefit of Navaratri!

7. Khullam khulla pyaar karenege

Was a great song. And it somewhat depicts, the ‘fun’ filled for new lovie-dovies. Everything is allowed in Love, War and Raas.

8. It means loads of sweets

Gujju kids get their own li’l stomach and sweet tooth satisfied by the ‘prasaad’ from the aarti.

9. Because they took the ‘classes’

Yes, the middle-age-crisis aunty, who happens to be your neighbor took 2 months of Garba classes, tailor-made chanya choli from Law Garden, special tattoo and hairdo- all for 9 days. And she would be the first one to go home every night.

10. Faafda- Jalebi

Yes, it’s a post Navaratri affair but, hey- who cares!

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