Don’t be an Ostrich. Face the Problem Head-on.

Don't be an Ostrich. Face the Problem Head-on.

When an ostrich comes across a problem, enemy or fearful situation it puts head in to the sand and feel secure. It feels that just because it has avoided the problem and pretend to be normal it has solved the problem, Guess what happens then? It gets eaten up,

You can avoid the problem but not the consequences of avoiding problem.

It is a human tendency that we try to ignore problems, We do not want to deal with them head on. We pretend that everything is normal and procrastinate. Our insecurities are not admitted because we don’t want to think about them. It scares us.

  • We procrastinate a tough but must have conversations.
  • Bills are pushed to the side to deal with later.
  • People we have troubles with are avoided.
  • Work we don’t want to do is avoided while we browse useless information on Facebook.

This psychology of avoidance, unfortunately, does not work. We put these things off and the problems only fester and grow worse. Bills become late and interest racks up and eventually we’ll have to deal with the bills, but they’ll be much worse than if we’d only dealt with them immediately. Our work becomes late, our waistlines become bigger, our insecurities grow.

Same happens with avoiding difficult conversations. If we repress our emotions and thoughts for too long it affects our well being badly.

Not facing the problems isn’t the solution, Instead, let’s turn toward our problems. Let me share an example from my own life.

This realization helped me when I was 97 kg of weight 2 years ago (Yeah, I was) and trying to avoid thinking about it — when I turned toward the problem, as scary as that was, I was able to deal with it.

It helped me deal with clutter, which is another form of avoidance. Clutter is about putting off dealing with items by putting them aside, and then they pile on top of each other, waiting to be dealt with.

Turning toward my weight issues allowed me to get healthier. My mom is a diabetic and  I was  literally warned by the doctor that unless you adopt the healthy life style you will have health issues at a young age. During school days I had a cycle to reach there and plenty of physical activities were part of my daily life. Situation changed after 12th standard. In college I had a bike, pocket money to use and canteen full of junk food.

On realisation and acceptance of this weight problem I had implemented only 2 things.

  • Walking for 40 minutes a day and light weight training for 20 minutes.
  • Consciously making healthy food choices. 

Result was fascinating: I reduced 19 kg in 8 months. 🙂

Facing the problem has helped my start-up journey, my relationships, my inner peace.

Turning toward a problem is scary as hell. That’s why we normally avoid it. But you can overcome that fear and do it anyway. It is easy and simple. It just require awareness to identify such tendency then acceptance and taking a small first step towards it. That’s it ! You can look the problem directly in the face and open yourself up to it. Only then can you deal with it, and see that it’s not as scary as you think. Because by turning away from the problem, we give it power, and the fear of it rules our lives. Its easier than you think.! Start NOW.

[Feature Photo Courtesy: Goodybag’s Blog]

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Kalrav Shah

Kalrav Shah is passionate for reading, travelling, entrepreneurship, fitness & spirituality. He currently runs CloudTechy and also work as an consultant with few businesses.

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