Top 10 Villages you Must Visit in Gujarat

Top 10 Villages you Must Visit in Gujarat

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There are a lot of tourist places in Gujarat many are advertised by the Gujarat Tourism board. Besides those places there are lesser known places that we think you should know about. These are the villages that are often missed by tourists when they visit the state. If you are a person who like the slow and calm lifestyle of villages then we have for you the top 10 villages in Gujarat that you should visit.

1. Dandi, Navsari

Mahatma Gandhi let the famous Salt Satyagraha to this village which lies along the shores of the Arabian Sea. The Kirti Pillar is a major attraction here, which is said to have been created to honor Mahatma Gandhi.

There are other places you can visit, like the Safe Villa which was constructed in 1961, where the Mahatma stayed. The Villa contains a library and a museum that has different artifacts and pictures that belonged to Gandhiji. There is a dargah called Mai Saheba Mazar which you can visit

2. Unai, Navsari

Unai is a village situated in the Vansda Taluka of Navsari. It is popular for the hot water spring which has a religious significance for Hindus. It is said that Lord Ram invited many Brahmins to do a yagna here. The Brahmin needed hot water which was not available so Lord Ram shot an arrow in the ground which produced a hot water spring. The Unai Mataji Temple has an idol that is said to have been installed by Sita, Lord Ram’s wife.

3. Ahwa, Saputara

Ahwa is where a tribal fair called Dang Darbar is held. The fair is organized during the Holi festival. The village is home to the Dandkeshwar Mahadev Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The village is often the resting place for tourists who are on their way to Saputara. The village is also popular for the Dangi Dance which is a energetic acrobatic dance form. These dances are held in open air theatres called Rangupvan

4. Waghai, Saputara

There are several camping sites in Waghai. There is the Waghai Botanical Garden for you to visit. But the most popular attraction is the Gira Falls, a waterfall that flows with a very strong force, especially in monsoons.

The botanical garden sports a large variety of plants from all over the country. Plants like the Chinese Bamboo, golden bamboo and the beer bottle bamboo are among the many plants that can be found in the garden. This is also a good picnic spot for families.

5. Ubharat, Navsari

The Umbharat Beach is a long stretch of sand in the Umbharat village. The village has many resorts and water parks. The beach is a popular site for sunbathing and swimming. An annual festival is celebrated here on the day of Anant Chaudas,

6. Dharagiri, Navsari

Dharagir is around 5 kilometers away from Navsari city, on the bank of the River Purna. It falls on the national highway connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The main attraction here is the Tapovan Sanskaar Dham, a jain temple. The temple has around 90 stone and metal idols. There is also the Rang Mandap, which is a cement and brick construction work.

7. Halvad, Surendranagar

Halvad is known for its Jain temples that were constructed in the 1837s at Tikar. The temples are situated in the desert village on the banks of the river Brahmani

A few ancient idols of Lord Shri Krishna and the Pandavas were uncovered here during an excavation. There is also the beautiful temple of Samudri Mata, the family goddess of the Kandoliya Brahmins.

Other attractions here are the Paliyas of Sati, the 500 year old Bhavani Bhuteshwar Mahadev Temple, Ek Dandiay Wooden Palace and the Samatsar Talav.

8. Nandhai, Navsari

The Nandhai village is situated in Navsari on the banks of the Orange River. The main attraction here is the Guptesgwar Mahadev. The lore around it is that the Shivling here was found hidden behind plants. It is said that when drops of water fall on the Lingam the sound of ‘Om’ is heard.

Nandhai is also a place that was allegedly visited by great saints like Jagatguru Shankaracharya. On Mahashivratri there is a five day long festival celebrated here.

9. Muli, Surendranagar

Muli liesin the Malu Taluka of Surendranagar. The village is popular in the Rabari community for its 250 year old Dudhai Vadwala Temple. The Swaminarayan Temple here was built by Brahmanand Swami. There is the Mandavrayji Temple, the Meladi Mata Temple and the 140 years old Bileshwar Mahadev temple of Umarada which are places you can visit.

10. Atul, Tithal

Atul is an Industrial village which developed after the foundation of the Atul Company Ltd. The primary attraction here is the Jain Temple that is devoted to the Vasupujya Swami. The temple of Lord Shiva, the Atuleshwar temple is also a good place to visit. There are other temples like the Amba Mata temple, the Shree Ayyappa temple, the Jalaram Bapa temple and the Hanuman temple which are popular tourist attractions.

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