Two Engineers are helping people connect with people of same personality

Two Engineers are Trying to Connect People with Same Personality!

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We often try to check our personality by taking several tests through social media websites. But most of them are useless and untrue. An engineer from Vadodara also did the same, but was not satisfied with the results. Vishal Vatnani along with his friend Manan Jadav developed a website which tells you your exact personality and help you find people with same personality. Find out more about this wonderful product Utonexus in our conversation with Vishal Vatnani.

Tell us something about Utonexus.

Utonexus is an online social networking tool that helps connect people with similar personality types. What more do you need from your social life than the people you know will understand and accept you for who you are?

People with similar personality types perceive and project their outer and inner worlds respectively, in a tremendously compatible way.

The method we use for personality determination is based on Jung’s theory of 16 personalities. Apart from meeting people with similar personality types, you may also read the description of your type and gain a greater insight into how you function.

Tell us something about the founders.

We (Vishal Vatnani and Manan Jadhav) together co-founded Utonexus in late August 2015. We’re both engineering students at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institue of Technology, located in Vasad in Gujarat. We live in Vadodara and have a profound passion for Computers and out of the tesseract ideas.

What’s the story behind Utonexus? How was it born?

In 2013, I was quite at dismay after finding out that by the time I entered into the second year of my college, most of my friends faced detention for not being able to clear the finals. I was forced to become a loner but soon found a group of friends who accepted me into their circle. Things didn’t work out between all of us, and soon I found out that I was all by myself time after time, in the college social life. I was tired of being labelled as an outcast and a weirdo, and so I decided to invest my time into something that I had an primordial attachment with; Technology and Humanities.

I started formulating algorithms that would consider all kind of social factors and determine the future behaviour of an individual. At some time around in 2014, I happened to meet Manan Jadhav, my dear and intelligent friend plus co-founder. We shared a keen interest in how technology could change the society for good and what the future of computing was.

I used to call Manan in the middle of the night to discuss ideas that I had, and he used to come up with an improved solution to it the next day. Once we stumbled upon a remarkable observation that all the social groups that we had in college consisted of people with similar behavioural traits. I personally started asking these groups to take the MBTI test online, and compared their results. We were exhilarated to see that the most promising groups consisted of people with similar personality types.

That’s how Utonexus was born.

What else you guys do except running Utonexus?

For now, we’re pursuing bachelor’s degree in IT engineering. Manan is an active member of Google Developers Group (GDG), Baroda and GDG Ahmedabad. He is also the technical lead at, which is yet another startup. Apart from that, he has keen interest in open source technologies, and has also contributed to the development of few.

Manan is in his second year of his engineering programme.

I (Vishal Vatnani) am in the final year of his engineering programme and am developing an education version of Utonexus as a part of my final year project.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition of Utonexus?

Utonexus is the picture of a smart and socially strategic society that we will see in the next decade. People who value intelligence over matter, those who value anything else over intelligence, and almost every kind of people you know, will soon find out that being in a fast and open social network is not only necessary for making a harmonious society, but also for making the most of our limited time on this planet.

We have created a utility for the mankind. The theory of Jung’s personality type existed, but before us, nobody in the world had come up with a site that matched people’s personality in a way we do.

What is your future plan with Utonexus?

We plan on adding improvements and getting as many feedbacks as we can to make our site even better. We’re developing a module for the corporate team organization, using which the corporates can easily distinguish the natural talents of their employees and have an efficient team organization. Then there’s an education module which will help create a better understanding of students by the professors, that we’re also developing parallelly.

In the future, you will see many startups copying the trend that Utonexus will create. But we are here to stay, and we have a long road ahead of us.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that we touched someone’s life by making them see that there are people out there who are sure to be compatible with them, or at least share their interests and passion so that they can work together to create some music, software or flair; is something that tells us that Utonexus is not a startup. Utonexus is the future of the society.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

You need to realize that everybody is given the same number of hours in a day as everyone else. If you don’t find yourself thinking about your product all the time, if you don’t see your product in a way that nobody else except you and your co-founder(s) do, then change your product. Keep looking for what you love.

One day you’ll know in your heart that everything else falls under the domain of irrelevancy. The curtains of illusion will slide away, and finally you’ll have that perseverance to keep your project running in the brightest mornings and the darkest after hours.

What do you think about BuddyBits?

As long as the content on BuddyBits is meant for the intellectuals and idealists, it will always have a chance of standing out from the crowd of audience hungry e-magazines who post anything that will help them get more likes on their Facebook page. Our first impression for BuddyBits was of a decent e-journal that looks promising and had an intelligent collection of articles that made sense.

Well, thanks a lot Vishal for your words. I personally took the test at Utonexus and was amazed to see the results. It showed my exact personality on the basis of few questions I answered. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.

Want to know your personality and want to meet people wish same personality as you? Take the test at Utonexus now.

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