10 Reasons Why Ahmedabad is the best city to live in

10 Reasons Why Ahmedabad is the Best City to Live In

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Amongst the whistling packages of the IIM students, and the hustling midnight munches of Manekchowk, in business capital state of the country (yes, Gujarat) resides the city of Karnavati. Wait, what? Well, that’s what the ace town of Ahmedabad was known by, until the 1400s, when Ahmed Shah I conquered the town and named it ‘Ahmedabad’. Now, the stats that Ahmedabad is the 7th most populated city in the country, the number of people residing here and all that boring stuff is available on Google. What you should know, is why should Ahmedabad be considered, or wait, known as the best city to live in India. Wondering, a reason? Here, take 10:

1. Authentic

Ahmedabad is for Gujarat, what Mumbai is for India. The melting pot of all cultures & traditions prevailing in the contrasting Gujarati culture. For info, Gujaratis are divided into Kutchhi, Kaathiyawadi, Maarwadi, Maldhari, Jain and well, many others. In Ahmedabad, everyone’s happily present!

2. Humble

Ahmedabad still possesses the humility and politeness passed on to it from the times of Mahatma Gandhi. Respecting that, Ahmedabad was declared safest city in India, previous year, by a travelling portal (on 100% votes by Woman, pan India).

3. Modern

Talk about the Rolls Royce showroom, the newly built Riverfront, the revolving Patang Hotel, or the bustling BRTS Buses- Ahmedabad has turned dynamically modern. From glass curtained buildings, to air-conditioned public transport, to booming real estate, to all other luxuries; You name it, Ahmedabad has it. (Talking about luxuries for some, Ahmedabad has 24*7 Water and Electricity supply, still a luxury for many!)

4. Educational Hub

Ok, this one’s pretty simple. IIM-A for Management, NID for designing, MICA for Advertising, GNLU for Law, IIT Gandhinagar for technology, Ahmedabad Dental College for obviously, Dentistry- you can become anything  in Ahmedabad (except Batman. You can’t be Batman because, you know, the crime rate is quite low. So, no-one will actually call you.)

5. Divine

With the Sidi Saiyed Mosque, which brags the gorgeous Sidi Saiyed Jali, the Iskcon Temple, and Akshardham (technically, in Gandhinagar, but not that far from Ahmedabad), Mahudi (popular amongst Jains, and close to Ahmedabad), don’t be surprised if you find God enjoying a nice faafda-jalebi on the streets of Ahmedabad. (He must’ve came out of one of these places, because you know monotony is boring!)

6. Active

Don’t be deceived. Active stands for active to eat. And Ahmedabad is not just about Dhokla, Faafda, Haandva, Theplaas known in the popular culture. ‘Amdavadi’ cuisine has gone on a roll, with Barbeque, authentic Italina, Mexican, Thai, Continental, European restaurants coming up. Then you’ve the ‘Manek chowk’, for the hunger hunters, whose stomach goes bananas in the midnight. (Imagine, Mahudi, a rather religious place, is popular amongst many people for its Prasad ‘Sukhdi’. Food is religion, practiced by all!)

7. Beautiful

When you see the Sunrise at the Thol lake, or the chirping birds at the Nalsarovar Bird Century, or the sunset at the Kankaria lake, you’ll get to know the real meaning of beautiful.

8. Alcohol Free

Yes, it’s a dry state. Ahmedabad stands up as the example for the country. This doesn’t mean, that Ahmedabad has no place to party at, but you can be rest assured that no drunk man/woman is creating nuisance on the streets.

9. Dazzling

Dazzling with celebrations. The biggest Kite festival, the most colorful Garba, the loudest of Diwali, the simplicity of Moharram, all calmly embedded in Ahmedabad’s culture, as it dazzles in celebration every now and then.


Authentic, Humble, Modern, Educational-hub, Divine, Active, Beautiful, Alcohol-Free, Dazzling- AHMEDABAD, it is!

[Featured Photo Courtesy: Ravtej Singh]

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