8 Reasons Why Lefties are Better than Righties

8 Reasons Why Lefties are Better than Righties

With just 10% of the population being left-handed, lefties are at a serious minority. Being at such a minority, it is hard for several left-handed individuals to adapt to a world dominated by right-handed people. However, despite being at minority, there are several advantages and benefits of being left-handed. Some of these benefits, which act as an advantage for the left-handers, are mentioned below.

1. Creative

Left-handed people are more likely to be visual based than being textual based, which means that they are more suited for artistic works. Several studies show that a number of left-handed students are more focused on visual based subjects than textual based ones.

2. Imaginative

Being imaginative is one of the several traits of being left-handed. This trait helps the left-handed individuals to think out of the box, have better memories, and be more creative. They can solve several complex problems by thinking exceptionally different from others.

3. Left-Handers can Type Faster!

On a standard QWERTY keyboard, 450 words can be typed by solely depending on the right hand. In contrast to this, 3400 words can be typed solely using the left hand, which is a clear advantage for left-handed people.

4. Higher IQ

Left handed people make up a large portion of people with high level IQs. Researchers are not sure, however, most of the left-handed people are highly intellectual. They are also better at solving complex problems.

5. Makes Great Sportsman

In athletic sports, left handed people are clearly coming out at the top because most of the other sportsman are used to competing with right handed ones. This gives out a clear advantage to left handed people.

6. Flexible Swimmers & Divers

Another advantage of being left handed is that people are able to see clearly underwater. Left handed people are able to adjust better underwater. Due to this, left handed people can make good divers or swimmers.

7. Multi-Tasks Better

Being left handed means, that you will be better at multi-tasking. It forces the brain to think quickly, making a left-handed person make decisions quickly. They are able to deal better with large amount of information, even if its un-organized.

8. Have a Good Taste in Music and Dance

Studies indicate that lefties have a better sense of rhythm. They are able to perceive rhythm better and learn musical instruments faster than others. Due to this, they can also dance better, while catching on the rhythm and beats.

Are you a leftie? What do you think about this list? Add your views in comments.

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