Digangana Suryavanshi eliminated from Bigg Boss House

Digangana Suryavanshi eliminated from Bigg Boss House!

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So, 9th season of the most popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss has crossed the halfway mark already. Only seven weeks are left for the finale of Bigg Boss double trouble and we have still ten contestants left in the house.

Who are nominated?

Generally, co-contestants vote for the contestants and nominate them for the eviction. But this week, captain of the week, Priya Malik was given special power to directly nominate two contestants for the eviction. Priya nominated Digangana Suryavandhi and Suyyash Rai for eviction. So Suyyash and Digangana are nominated for eviction this week.

Is somebody really getting evicted this week?

Bigg Boss generally opens voting lines for audience to save their favourite house-mates from the eviction. But this week, voting lines were closed. Whenever Bigg Boss has shut down voting lines in past, they haven’t eliminated any contestant in that particular week.

What is the Twist?

If voting lines are closed, we would generally think that there is no eviction this week. Maybe someone will be seen leaving the house and will be sent to the secret room as always! Right? But wait! Possibility of that happening is quite less. Then what’s gonna happen?

This week, house-mates will be given power to vote between nominated contestants to evict them. Yes! This week, housemates will decide who is going home.

And we already know the result. Housemates have voted against Digangana Suryavanshi. Digangana will be seen leaving the house of Bigg Boss on 8th December’s episode.

Digangana really out?

For those, who are following the show from previous seasons, this is hard to digest. There is still a possibility of Digangana being sent to the secret room after fake elimination.

But we heard that Digangana’s parents created chaos on the set of Bigg Boss due to her eviction. So if that news is true, Digangana is definitely out of the show.

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