How to Build the Right Culture at Your Company?

How to Build the Right Culture at Your Company?

Culture is the sum of ideas, behaviour and methods of a particular group of people gathered in a particular area. A culture is often the defining characteristic of a place and the people that contribute to it. So when it comes to businesses, the culture at the workplace typically reflects its vision, mission and values. Thus, it is a very crucial factor that cannot be neglected.

Most CEOs and managers overlook the formation of a company culture and let it spontaneously develop as the company expands, playing no role in the direction in which it advances. The successful ones however take an active part in shaping their company culture. Actually this is one of the reasons that they are successful.

The work culture in your organization is important because it improves employee satisfaction and hence increases their productivity. It will also unite them under a common goal and strengthen the company’s integrity.

Given Below are some tips that can help you create a good company culture:

Know your values

The values of your business are the building blocks of your workplace ethics. It determines the kind of company you are. So first determine the values that you will help you advance the fastest towards your goals. This will include how much you rely on hard work, how much freedom of expression the employees have, what amount of creativity is allowed, importance of teamwork in the company, etc.

Ask these questions to know what sort of vision you have for your company’s future. The kind of environment you will have will largely depend on how you answer these kinds of questions. It is also important that you do this in the founding stages of your company as changing the culture later on can be difficult.

Communicate your values

Let your employees know what the company is about, what its goals are and how it wishes to achieve them. All these are crucial points in understanding what is acceptable and what isn’t. Having a mission statement is a good idea. Do elaborate the actual values to all your employees. If the numbers are too big you can even train some of your employee in communicating your values to others.

This is not a one time job either, your employees will need to be regularly reminded of your goals and values so that they do not forget or deviate from the culture that you want to cultivate.

It’s an ongoing process

The values and hence the culture of a company should not be stagnant. It should evolve with evolving needs. You should also keep refining the finer points of your corporate culture so as to make it as good as possible. Make sure that you get adequate feedback from you employees to find out areas that need attention and do the necessary changes. Making the employee feel valued is very important for any company.

During the hiring process, make sure you account for the values of the candidate and that they align with the company’s values. Their values don’t have to be necessarily the same as yours but they should not contradict your values.

Also be on the constant lookout for employees that degrade the work culture. Usually companies let some bad behavior slip because the employee is a productive unit and they cannot afford to lose them. But these employees prove to be a burden in the long run.

Treat your work culture like you would treat any asset. It needs constant maintaining and refining. Think long-term.

Some factors to keep in mind

There are some factors that make a big difference in how your company develops:

  • Hiring the right employees
  • Being transparent in your communications
  • Don’t be a controller. Be a helper.
  • Celebrate your achievements.
  • Don’t go by what people say, Be with your team.
  • Startup is not a Fastfood, It will take time. Be Patient.

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How to Build the Right Culture at Your Company?

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