Instant Articles, Facebook’s Weapon to Fight with Google!

Instant Articles, Facebook's Weapon to Fight with Google

The other day, I was thinking how Google shares some percentage of the revenue it makes from advertisements with its publishers. And how Facebook just take the money from advertisers and gives back nothing to anyone. But well, introducing Instant Articles. Facebook has launched a tool for news publishers to publish articles which load faster and in more interactive on Facebook’s app.

What are Instant Articles?

Facebook Instant Articles

Whenever you post an article link on Facebook, it takes around 8 seconds to load. But same articles will load 10 times faster with Instant Articles according to Facebook. Video in Instant Articles will autoplay once you scroll down to the video. You can zoom-in and zoom-out photos in Instant Articles, which generally is not possible in web articles unless publishers make it possible.

How do Instant Articles work?

At this moment, Facebook has made Instant Articles available for selected news publishers. It will be launched for all in future. Once you sign up for Instant Articles, your current website will be synchronized with this tool. Once you post new article on your website, Instant Articles will fetch it using RSS & HTML and will convert it into Instant Article format for Facebook App users.

Can publishers show Advertisements on Instant Articles?

This is the most important question for any publisher. Will Facebook allow publishers to display their ads on Instant Articles? Well yes. Facebook allows publishers to display their ads on their platform.

And in addition, Facebook will provide an opportunity to leverage Facebook’s ads network to generate extra revenues! Yes. You will be given choice to display ads of advertisers on Facebook. And you will get to keep the money (after Facebook has kept its share).

Is it beneficial to Publishers?

Instant Articles are definitely beneficial for publishers because it will load your articles faster with clean layout. Chances of a user clicking Instant Article will be higher than clicking regular article in near future because of ease of loading and reading. Plus Facebook will not interfere if you want to display ads in Instant Articles. They will let you keep 100% of the revenue of ads you display. In addition, if you opt in for Ads from Facebook Advertisers, you get to keep 70% of total revenues. So Instant Articles are definitely going to change the way to publish content!

Why Instant Articles is Facebook’s weapon to fight with Google?

Right now, income of majority of news publishers & bloggers depends on Google’s Adsense (a program where Google sell ads to publishers). And most of the publishers use Facebook for content marketing.

An Example

Let’s take an example to understand this situation. Google approached advertisers to publish their ads on websites of publishers they are associated with. For example, Google gets 10 advertisers to advertise on their network of 100 websites with average 100 hits each. Now these publishers used to get 80% of traffic from Facebook. Which means, out of 10,000 total hits, they used to get 8,000 from Facebook marketing.

Now let’s imagine all publishers signing up for Facebook Instant Articles. In that case, Facebook gets 8,000 hits with not so much efforts! They are allowing ads from publishers right now. And if publishers opt for Facebook Ads to publish in their Instant Articles, Facebook shares 70% of the total revenue with publishers right now. Eventually, Facebook will change this share percentages and maybe ad display policy too. But right now, Facebook is trying to gain all potential publishers to its platform from Google!

If Google doesn’t come up with a stronger weapon, Facebook is surely going to win this fight. And Google which gets 20% of its revenue from Adsense program is surely in trouble! With Instant Article program, Facebook want to monopolize the content market! Beware Google, Facebook is coming!

What do you think? Add your views in comments down below. Stay tuned to BuddyBits for news from tech, business and around the world.

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Instant Articles, Facebook’s Weapon to Fight with Google!

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