Chhello Divas Gujarati Movie Review

Movie Review: Chhello Divas

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Last couple of years have brought a ray of hope for Gujarati cinema. After Abhishek Jain‘s debut with urban Gujarati movie Kevi Rite Jaish, many young directors are coming forward with more and more urban Gujarati films. Latest in the lot is Krishnadev Yagnik’s directorial debut Chhello Divas.

From trailer, the movie didn’t seem that interesting. But on hearing the reviews, I thought to give it a try. Chhello Divas is based on college life of eight friends. How these characters bunk classes, give exams, irritate faculties and fall in love is what is narrated in the film. This kind of film has never been made in Gujarati cinema before. Director of the film has pretty much covered everything we do during our college life. Chhello Divas will take you back to that golden period of your life.

Story of the film is pretty much common. Direction of the film is good. The best thing about Chhello Divas is its dialogues and script delivery. Performance of all actors, especially Aarjav Trivedi (Dhulo), Malhar Thakar (Vicky), Yash Soni (Nikhil) are commendable. Aarjav Trivedi aka Dholu takes all the credit. All punches delivered by character Dholu are so funny that they will leave you in splits.

What’s Good?

Screenplay, performances and dialogues are life of Chhello Divas. Some of the punches are so funny that they’ll literally roll on the floor laughing. Thumbs up for background score and music.

What’s Bad?

Dubbing of the characters is really bad!


Overall, Chhello Divas is a must watch Gujarati movie. Go with your friends to relive your college days. Some of the scenes in movie are seriously funny. Story is not new. Direction & music is good. Performances are very good. Chhello Divas is highly recommended from BuddyBits.

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