Nora Fatehi gets evicted from Bigg Boss on 3rd December

Nora Fatehi to get eliminated from Bigg Boss on 3rd January?

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Last week, Gisele Thakral got eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 as we had predicted. With Gisele’s eviction, our prediction score is 75% for this season so far. We are back with our prediction.

This week, Bigg Boss introduced a twist in nomination. Bigg Boss called Kishwer Merchant, Priya Malik and Rochelle Rao in double trouble room. Bigg Boss put a situation in front of them and as all three pressed the button in double trouble room, every housemate is nominated for eviction this week.

Rochelle, Mandana and Prince out of all contestants are pretty strong. So they aren’t going to get evicted this week. Along with them Kishwer, Priya and Rishabh are also strong contestants and won’t get eliminated this week. Suyyash, Keith and Nora are definitely in danger zone this week.

But according to me, Keith and Suyyash will be safe this week as both of them have more fan following than Nora. As Nora is a wild card entry. So, according to BuddyBits, Nora will get evicted from Bigg Boss this week. Suyyash and Keith would be my next choice for eviction after Nora. Have a look at the eviction ratio.

  1. Nora Fatehi (90%)
  2. Suyyash Rai (5%)
  3. Keith Sequeira (5%)
  4. Kishwer Merchant (0%)
  5. Priya Rai (0%)
  6. Rishabh Sinha (0%)
  7. Rochelle Rao (0%)
  8. Prince Narula (0%)
  9. Mandana Karimi (0%)

So, according to BuddyBits, Nora Fatehi will get eliminated from Bigg Boss on 3rd January 2016. For more prediction and exclusive Bigg Boss scoops, stay tuned to BuddyBits. Add your views in comments below.

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