Things to do in Wilson Hills

Things to do in Wilson Hills

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Being a nature lover, and having heard a lot about this little hill station; we decided to travel to Wilson Hills last Monsoon. Wilson Hills is the nearest hill station to Surat and also the smallest hill station of Gujarat state.

Wilson Hills

The hill station is located near Dharampur. Wilson Hills is situated in a densely forested region close to the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. What makes this little hill station special is that, it is one of the rare hill stations in the world from which we can have a glimpse of the sea!

Having an average elevation 2500 feet, Wilson Hills are popular during the rainy season and summer months as it has a cooler and less humid climate than the surrounding area.

What are the things to do in Wilson Hills?

It is also known as mini Saputara, but it doesn’t really have as many points to see as there are in Saputara. If you enjoy the journey more than the destination, Wilson Hills is the perfect place for you to visit.

Wilson Hills in Monsoon
Wilson Hills during Monsoon

Curvy roads, hills covered with greenery, view of the valley from the top of the hills, farms, little villages and its people make Wilson Hills on of the best places to visit. I personally enjoy the journey more than destination, hence it was a perfect place for me.

Wilson Hills Villages

If you choose Monsoon to visit Wilson Hills, you’ll witness heavenlike atmosphere on Wilson Hills. The hills are always covered with clouds and rains if you visit during Monsoon.

Wilson Hills in Clouds

There are not many points to visit once you reach the top. Major attraction of Willson Hills is Barumal temple, which is located at the middle of the hills.

Barumal temple Wilson Hills

Along with Barumal temple there are several points of attraction. Listing some of them here.

Points of Attraction at Wilson Hills

  • Barumal temple
  • Marble Chatri
  • Steep Valley
  • Ozone Valley
  • Sunrise Point
  • Sunset Point
  • Shankar waterfalls
  • Lady Wilson museum
  • The district science centre
  • Bilpudi twin waterfalls

It will take some forty minutes to reach the top, once you start climbing the hills. There is only one hotel and few shops. When I visited Wilson Hills, there was no hotel or any other staying facility. In short Willson Hills is a place you can visit in a day or less. I definitely liked the place. If you are a nature lover, you would love it too. Great place for photographers and nature lovers.

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