Who will get evicted from Bigg Boss 9 on 10 January?

Who will get eliminated from Bigg Boss 9 on 27th December?

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Last week we predicted Gisele Thakral’s eviction from the most popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss. But the show makers cancelled eviction last week. Two contestants will be eliminating this week. Nominated contestants this week are same as last week. Mandana Karimi, Rochelle Rao, Suyyash Rai, Rishabh Sinha, Priya Malik and Gisele Thakral are nominated for eviction. And two out of these six will get evicted from Bigg Boss 9 this week.

Mandana and Rochelle being the strongest contestants of the show, are definitely safe from elimination this week. Even Rishabh has turned out to be a strong contestant, so he won’t get evicted this week. Three contestants, Gisele, Suyyash and Priya are in danger zone this week. And two out of these three will definitely get evicted this week.

According to us, Gisele Thakral will definitely get evicted from Bigg Boss this week. And Suyyash stands higher chances of getting evicted after Gisele. So we predict Gisele and Suyyash’s eviction this week. If not Suyyash, Priya will get eliminated from the show. Have a look at the eviction ratio.

  1. Gisele Thakral (60%)
  2. Suyyash Rai (25%)
  3. Priya Malik (15%)
  4. Rishabh Sinha (0%)
  5. Mandana Karimi (0%)
  6. Rochelle Rao (0%)

Bigg Boss might show two separate eviction episodes this week. In that case, Gisele will get evicted in mid-week eviction and Suyyash or Priya will follow her in the weekend eviction episode.

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