Who will get evicted from Bigg Boss 9 on 10 January?

Who will get evicted from Bigg Boss 9 on 20th December?

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LATEST: Suyyash Rai gets evicted from Bigg Boss 9!

With latest eviction of Kawaljit Singh from Bigg Boss 9, 70% of our Bigg Boss eviction predictions of this season have came out to be true so far. This week six contestants are nominated for eviction from Bigg Boss and all of them are strong contestants of the season. Gisele, Rishabh, Priya, Rochelle, Suyyash and Mandana have been nominated for eviction this week. Keith being the captain of the house was given special power to nominate two contestants. Keith chose Gisele and Mandana. And rest four have been nominated by housemates.

Out of all nominated contestants, Mandana & Rochelle are the strongest contestants. So two of them are definitely safe this week. Priya is also quite smart and strong player of the season. Hence, she is also safe from the eviction. Rishabh, Suyyash and Gisele are in danger zone this week according to me.

Out of Rishabh, Suyyash and Gisele, Gisele is the weakest link right now in the show. She neither have strong fan following nor she is giving content to the show. Hence, Gisele Thakral will be eliminated from the show on 20th December 2015’s eviction episode. If there are two evictions, Suyyash Rai can also get eliminated along with Gisele. Have a look at the eviction ratio.

  1. Gisele Thakral (80%)
  2. Suyyash Rai (12%)
  3. Rishabh Sinha (8%)
  4. Priya Malik (0%)
  5. Mandana Karimi (0%)
  6. Rochelle Rao (0%)

So according to BuddyBits, Gisele Thakral will definitely say goodbye to Bigg Boss 9 this week, and if there are two evictions this week, Suyyash Rai will leave the show along with Gisele. The eviction will be telecasted on 20th December 2015 on Colors channel.

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