10 Lesser Known Facts about Titanic

10 Lesser Known Facts about Titanic

While surfing the internet, I came across a Quora thread on Facts of Titanic. I was so amazed with the fact that I instantly watched the movie and wrote an article on it. Have a look. These facts will make you live that journey again through movie Titanic.

1. This is the Iceberg that sank the Titanic!

After few days of the disaster, the iceberg which had the sign of red line at the bottom was photographed! The photo was taken by chief steward of the board ship, Prinze Adelbert.

Iceberg that sank Titanic - 10 Lesser Known Facts about Titanic
Iceberg that sank Titanic

2. The Ship never broke apart!

The survivors claimed to have seen the ship break into two parts in an inquiry in New York. But the claim was dismissed. Later in 1985, Robert D. Ballard discovered the liner which proved that the Titanic never broke apart.

3. The Band really played while the Titanic was sinking!

We are familiar with the scene in the Titanic movie where the band continues to play as the ship slowly sinks into the water. Well, that part is true! Ship’s band wanted to keep passengers calm while the crew prepared the rescue operation. So they kept playing till the ship sank. And to honor their bravery, their memorials have been built in Australia and Southampton.

4. First piece of the ship ever found in the ocean was a boiler!

The first piece of the sunken Titanic they found in the ocean was a boiler. Here is the first photo ever taken of the sunken Titanic.

Titanic Boiler - 10 Lesser Known Facts about Titanic

5. The movie cost was more than the actual ship!

The ship cost was $7.5 million when it was made (1910- 1912). In terms of 1997 dollars (when the movie was made), that cost comes close to $120 to $150 million. And the movie was filmed and made in the cost of whopping $200 millions!

6. The tragedy could have been prevented by seconds!

Yes. Studies suggest that the officer in charge gave the order to change the direction of the ship 30 seconds late, which led the Titanic to sink! If the iceberg had been spotted 20 minutes earlier, the ship might have been saved!

7. Lifeboats were not filled to capacity!

Lifeboat 1 carried only 12 people despite of having capacity of 40 and lifeboat 7 only carried 24 people despite of having capacity of 65! Yes, most of the lifeboats that were launched off the Titanic were not filled to capacity.

8. The Fourth Funnel

Four Funnels of Titanic - 10 Lesser Known Facts about Titanic

As seen in the iconic image of the Titanic, three out of four funnels released the steams from the boilers but the fourth one was put to make look of the ship more impressive!

9. The life boat mock drill was cancelled a day ago!

Yes. A lifeboat mock drill was scheduled for the passengers and the crew a day before it sank. But Captain Edward John Smith cancelled the drill on last moment! That drill, if had happened, would have saved many lives.

10. Captain’s last words

Last words of Edward Smith, captain of the ship, “Well boys, you’ve done your duty and done it well. I ask no more of you. I release you. You know the rule of the sea. It’s every man for him now, and God bless you.” Captain Smith also died along with 1516 passengers and crew members.

[Inspired from this Quora thread]

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10 Lesser Known Facts about Titanic

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