10 Stereotypes about Gujaratis We Need to Break

10 Stereotypes about Gujaratis We Need to Break

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Once upon a time, in the streets of Amdavad, when the clouds of monotony and boredom were taking over the city, there rose a superhero. One, who was never seen before, but was now the only hope to save the city and the world from boredom. He saw the villain standing down the street. The villain stares at him. He’s walking, step by step, as his footsteps start sounding heavier, and his shadow starts growing bigger, he reaches near the villain. Looking him in the eyes he says….’Aey haalo!!’. With Dandiya in one hand, dhokla in another, and kediyo/ chanyaacholi as his/her superhero costume, a typical Gujju is always against boredom. That’s what Gujjus stand for- full fledged entertainment in any given situation. So, get yourself a newer perspective over your known Gujjubhai:

1. Money, Money, Money

They aren’t always thinking about Money! Okay, that’s a lie, but there’re times when Money becomes second on their list. Heard of Navaratri?

2. It ij Engliss

Maximum of typical Gujjubhais aren’t having the fanciest accents. Imagine your boss droping in to say, ‘Rameshbhai…You are phaayard.’ But then, who needs an accent when you’ve honest intentions conveyable in any given situation!

3. Gujarati Food = Dessert

Yes, Gujju food might be as sweet as they themselves are. But if that’s all you know, try Surti Food.

4. Life Motive: American Visa

That’s so not true! Gujjus are also in UK. And in Australia, and in Canada, and New Zealand. And, well any place on the planet. NASA claims to have found some dhokla on the Mars too.

5. They’re couch potatoes

Ya, that’s true. Sunita Williams went to space on a couch. And Yusuf Pathan bats while sitting on a couch. And Dhirubhai Ambani became a billionaire while sitting on the couch throughout his life.

6. They’ve no dressing sense.

Who needs a dressing sense when you’ve business, employing hundreds of people. Gujjus care about personality, attire is for commoners.

7. They only befriend other Gujjus

Another misconception. Be with a Gujju for a week. And you’ll become a Gujju, then spreading the Gujjuness all around.

8. Gujjus are never on time

Tell your Gujju friend, you’ve a mind-boggling business idea. And wait for 30 secs. He’ll leave his wedding and come!

9. They miss basic etiquettes

In Gujarat, every man is bhai and every other lady is behen. So, everyone’s a part of the extended family. And family knows no formality! So, always be ready for some love and care from a stranger.

10. Gujju women are very gossipy

Well, why limit to Gujju women!

A Gujju may be lousy. A Gujju may be money minded.  A Gujju might be a foodie. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Beyond this lies the true spirit of a Gujju: a true hearted, honest, sweet individual, who knows a little about everything but everything about his little business. So if you do find a Gujju friend, cherish him/ her.

Shardul Makwe

Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?