8 Reasons Why Afternoon Nap is Good for You

8 Reasons Why Afternoon Nap is Good for You

Rajkotwalas are the ideal ‘noon-sleepers’. There might be an important business deal, or India-Pakistan match, or your very own marriage, or the President visiting you for a 4pm tea-if you’re a real Rajkotwala, you’ll be sleeping with all the snores, filling up the closed doors! And you know what’s good about it? It also has some benefits to look up to:

1. Bhai phone chipak gaya. Simple! Switch off karke on kar!

Who would’ve known that the great Indian solution to electronics also works on people. When your brain’s memory is overshadowed with stress, simple- switch off karke switch on kar. Take a nice li’l nap, it’s scientifically good for your memory!

2. Charging pe daal!

Once in a while, your phone does need a recharge. Well, same applies to your willpower to get tasks done. And believe it or not, a nice sleep gradually increases your willpower.

3. Khoon ka rishta, neend se hota hai!

As absurd as it sounds, blood pressure can be treated with a nice, comforting nap. Cardiovascular stress, bole toh ‘Dil ka dard’ (stress on Heart because of excessive work), is reduced by day sleeping. It’s medically proven now!

4. It boosts creativity.

So, what do you need for an amazing piece of art? A brush, paints, skills, and a king-size bed with a pillow! Once your mind is relaxed, it helps you with better cognitive thinking and boosts your creative abilities.

5. A lot can happen over a bed!

Before people jump to conclusions, or Café Coffee Day files an infringement on copyrights, this strictly means that instead of coffee-pe-coffee to work day in and day out, people should switch to power naps. They enhance your productivity, and best part- they’re free!

6. Sotey rahoooo!

Remember the all-time clichéd watchman dialogue to keep everyone on an alert mode, “Jaagte raho!”? Well, it turns out to work on the flipped side. A study by NASA showed that a nap of 40 minutes, may increase one’s alertness by 34%!

7. Sleeping beauty. Really.

A sound sleeping session relaxes your facial muscles and circulates the blood flow. So, yes, having power-naps/ noon-naps, do help you look beautiful.

8. It relaxes your nerves.

So, when the nerves pull your anxiety up, peep into your boss’ cabin and say, “Jo baka, unghvu toh padej!”. Since this would decrease your nervousness and increase productivity, who knows, the boss may say, “Go ahead”!

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