8 Things Only An Introvert Can Understand

8 Things Only an Introvert can Understand

Geeky glasses, away from the masses, slow to speak, but sitting on the class’ scoring peak, always jotting something down, god knows what runs inside that crown (head), do you’ve a heart that thumps, or are you just a brain whose body organ pumps,  are you really that difficult, or just not ready to socially convert, Or should I simply call you…an introvert?

1. A cup of coffee, a book, a quiet afternoon. Party begins!

It’s really simple. You don’t need a hundred people sweating and shouting and dancing beside you on EDMs, because real thrill lies in a classic, the brewing coffee, and a nice shining afternoon outside. Perfect plan!

2. It’s all planned out. Walk through the lane with least people.

You exactly know which lane to use at what speed, to reach your table for the lunch time and enjoy your home made delicacy, that too without sharing!

3. Too many known faces on the street. Simple, pretend you’re typing on your phone.

If that’s something you know, and practice, well, you know the virtue of respecting your own company.

4. You’ve three best friends: Bruno, William and Parker:

Bruno, your dog. William, as in Shakespeare and Parker, is your favourite writing instrument. Somewhere between them, you find happiness!

5. That something you’re a Rockstar at. But Shhh, no-one knows about it.

It might be writing, dancing, acting, painting, singing or something as weird as Scuba Diving in Rajasthan- there is something which you love doing now and then, something which excites you like anything, which is like meditation for you. You might be the master at it, but hey…there’s no need to let the world know about it, right?

6. You imagine weird stuff:

How will you save the classroom when aliens attack? What will you wear when you ask her/ him out (imagining that someday, you will)? What if Albert Einstein was a wrapper? Well yes, the kind of stuff which makes you reach insane levels of creativity, and creative levels of insanity; in your head.

7. You’ll take a bullet for that friend:

You don’t need a thousand friends on Facebook. A true one would be enough, and you very well know how to cherish them. They’re like diamonds, few in number, but way too precious.

8. Sometimes, you love the sunshine as much as you love the comfort of your reading place:

You enjoy standing in the balcony as the Sun takes a dip. With a coffee in hand, and a beautiful thought in mind, you know how to appreciate nature. The world in its quietest form is also at its most beautiful.

If you’ve found yourself somewhere above, well you should be happy to know that you’re an introvert. Somewhere, everyone is an introvert, because sometimes we do need our own company to get a hang of life.

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Shardul Makwe

Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?

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