9 Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul-mate

9 Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul-mate

‘A dog is a man’s best friend’, they say. Seriously? I’ll have to walk on four legs and pee under a tree to be your best friend? Well, obviously not. It’s pretty simple. There’re people who’ve like 1000 friends on Facebook. And there’re some lucky ones, who’ve that one friend, equal to a thousand. You know the ‘Chuddy-Buddy’, ‘Ek hi thaali ke chatte-batte’, ‘Bhai hai tu apna’, ‘Oye chudail’, and obviously ‘ch’‘oo’ ki maatra, ‘t’‘ee’ ki maatra, ‘ya’‘aa’ kie maatra’ wala friend. This is for all the lucky ones, who have that one friend, perhaps the only one you require-need-want-demand and have, all the time! The BFFs, this one’s for you:

1. Because, they know everything. Everything. Seriously everything.

Your first crush, your first school crush, your first teacher crush, your first rejection, your first girl/ boyfriend, your first kiss, your first date- they know everything. Probably, they were standing beside you smiling their face-off, when the cupid was repeatedly striking you.

2. Arey bhai, tu bhi fail!

Friendship fundamental, if you aren’t failing in the same subjects, you can never be best-friends-forever. Like, seriously!

3. You hate the same person!

It is REQUIRED. If you hate that tall guy in the class, or that ‘self-obsessed’ girl in the class, your BFF HAS TO HATE him/ her.

4. When you say the dialogue of your favorite movie, this person says the next line.

That’s the usual beginning of awesomely crazy times. And the best part, when he/she is around, these times keep coming in multitudes!

5. You get thrown out of the class, every now and then. Together.

If your BFF is also your classmate, you know what I mean.

6. You need someone to say, ‘Oye, bhaabhi aa gayi’ or ‘Aa gaya handsome’:

Yes. It’s your best friend’s duty to take up a new microphone, a 20 piece orchestra (with everyone playing dhol), and climb the table- just to shout and let everyone know that your crush has arrived.

Those were the lighter ones, but to your heart, these are the tighter ones:

7. You don’t need to say them anything. They know it.

Times when life pulls you to the lowest. You don’t want to speak anything. But then, a quiet evening, and that hug from him/her, puts your heart to peace. And then obviously the statement, ‘Chhod na yaar, sambhal lenge’

8. When you had a fight at home, that shoulder on which you cried was his/ her.

That moment when you just can’t hold those water droplets in your eyes anymore. Breakups, Exam me fail, Fired from job, or just loneliness- that one shoulder has the power to embrace all your sorrows, and leave you with a smile.

9. When you thought you can’t do it, he/ she was the one to push you:

Entrance exams, first job interview, weight loss, applying for the visa, proposing her- just when you were about to give up, he/she gave you those motivating words. They still echo in your ears.

The god knew, it won’t be possible for him to be with everyone. So, he created friends, to take care of all those pretty souls. If you haven’t found your piece of God, just look around, maybe you’re being protected by them, all day long!

[Featured Photo Courtesy: Terribly Tiny Talkies]

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Shardul Makwe
Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?

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9 Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul-mate

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