A Letter from Proud Car Owner!

A letter from Proud Car Owner

Attention Guys. Proud Indian car owner, Mr. Carwala had some proud things worth sharing and he was in search of a platform. I gave him an opportunity and here is what he has to say!

“Hi, My name is Carwala. I am a highly paid employee of XYZ Pvt. Ltd. I use my car to commute daily. Can you see this image, I am stuck in middle of it.


During office hours, only 5 – 10% of commuters like me who commute via personal car, occupy almost 70% space on the road. Isn’t that cool, Aaha!

I know I have plenty of other alternatives like company provided buses, Private Bus services (e.g. MetroZip), Public transports, Carpooling facilities, Shared cabs/autos, my own two wheeler etc.. But Naah! these are not meant for people like me. #ClassyPerson.

Many of my dear friends have Sedan or SUV, 7-8 seater car, and in almost all of them no. of commuters would be only ONE.

No matter which season it is, I always prefer to keep the Air Conditioner ON! And as a result people with 2 wheelers behind my car can have hot and smoky air.

I hardly offer a drive/helping hand to somebody into my car, unless it is my spouse. I don’t have time to wait for somebody else. #Busy.

While taking U turn I am allowed to occupy the entire width of the road for 5 minutes and while doing the same sometimes I stop the car in-between and start acting like I am confused and clueless about what to do next. People around, watch this award winning performance patiently. My wife excels in this scenario.

People like me support Road safety, so we bring our car on road and block them hence nobody gets to drive/ride above 20Kmph. How safer can it be!

Don’t ask about the pollution I create. In return, you know how important work I do in office!! lol, thank god you don’t know! let’s not get into this.

My family thinks that I am very workaholic since I am in office whole day. My office staff thinks that I am very family oriented since I come late to office and leave early. But the fact is I make a fool out of both of them by lingering around on road for hours together and do nothing but to drive the car!

I know once this post goes viral and be shared across, people would start staring at me when I am alone in a car but I don’t care……… May be I should.”

[Featured Photo Courtesy: youthkiawaaz.com]

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