Here is why Mandana Karimi can win Bigg Boss 9

Here is why Mandana Karimi can win Bigg Boss 9!

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Prince Narula to win Bigg Boss 9

Finale of Bigg Boss 9 is just two weeks away and we have already predicted the winner. We have predicted Mandana Karimi as the winner of Bigg Boss 9, Prince Narula and Rochelle Rao to be first and second runners up respectively. Why so? I will share my analysis.

Our of all six remaining contestants, Prince, Mandana, Rochelle and Rishabh will enter in the finale. As these four have maximum fan following right now. We will analyse them one by one.

Rishabh Sinha

When Rishabh entered in Bigg Boss 9 as a wild card, I felt even wild card can with the show. When he entered, all contestants were looking dull. He brought energy and entertainment in the show. But eventually, he himself lost that will to win the show. He keeps saying he wants to win the show, but his actions prove otherwise. Not that strong to win the show right now.

Rochelle Rao

At the midway of this season, Rochelle was the strongest contestant on the show. But she has been sidelined after her boyfriend Keith’s re-entry in the show. Rochelle has lost that charm. In spite of the fact that she has performed all tasks excellently and have been genuine throughout the show, I don’t think she can win the show. Nice people don’t win Bigg Boss, right?

Prince Narula

When Prince entered in the show, he entered with the maximum fan following. Thanks to his previous reality shows Roadies and Splitsvilla. People keep saying that he’s got a lot of fan following. But that is not built after the show. His actions in the show have mostly been negative. Be it faking the relationships or his inability to perform solo tasks or unnecessary fights. If you look at his journey closely, he was just trying to be another Gautam Gulati. And I don’t think the show will like to set particular pattern for the winner.

Mandana Karimi

When she entered in the show, we barely knew her. But at this point of time, she is one of the contestants who have gained maximum fan following. She has emerged to be one of the strongest contestants of this season. And as Salman Khan has said multiple times, this season has revolved around her. Mandana has been center of attention in the house for many weeks. And she is also the strongest foreign contestant Bigg Boss has ever seen. Hence, this will be a good opportunity for the show to prove that even foreign contestant can win the show.

We even got a hint from Mandana’s PR Dale Bhagwagar that she is going Shilpa Shetty way. Shilpa Shetty was a foreign contestant in Big Brother, she was targeted by co-contestants, she gained a lot of fans and became first foreign contestant to win Big Brother. One more common thing between Mandana and Shilpa is Dale. Yes, he handled Shilpa’s PR when she was in Big Brother and he is handling Mandana’s PR right now.

So we strongly feel Mandana can become first foreign contestant to win Bigg Boss. For exclusive bits from Bigg Boss and around the world, stay tuned to BuddyBits. Add your views in comments.

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