Kishwar Merchant took money and left Bigg Boss 9

Kishwar Merchant took money and left Bigg Boss 9?

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So finale of the ninth season of the most popular Indian reality show is almost here and Bigg Boss introduced the biggest twist of this season yesterday. Bigg Boss introduced Ticket to Finale task. All housemates except Keith Sequiera participated in the task and Mandana Karimi, Prince Narula and Kishwar Merchant reached to the second stage of the task.

In second stage, Bigg Boss asked all three contestants to press the buzzer. First one to press the buzzer would get out from the ticket to finale task. Second participant will get Rs. 6,33,335 and will have to leave the house immediately. And last one to press the buzzer will win ticket to the finale task and will enter in the finale of Bigg Boss 9.

Mandana Karimi pressed the buzzer first, hence she got out of the task. Later, as Kishwar and Prince were not giving up, Bigg Boss kept increasing price money.

And according to sources, Kishwar Merchant took huge mount of money and left the house. The news is not confirmed yet, but that’s what we have heard. There is also a possibility of someone being sent to the secret room after he/ she gave up.

In past, Bhakhtyar Irani and Rahul Mahajan have accepted the price money and have left the show before finale. And Ashmit Patel was saved even after he decided to leave by taking money. So we don’t really know if someone from Kishwer or Prince will really get evicted or not. What do you think? Who should accept the money to leave the house? Tell us in comments.

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