Prince Narula faked his name for reality shows Imam Siddiqui reveales real name Praveen Narula

Prince Narula Hid his Real Name for Reality Shows?

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In one of the most shocking events of the ninth season of Bigg Boss, we have found that Prince Narula is being hiding his real name from the audience since he is on television! Imam Siddiqui, ex- Bigg Boss contestant who was infamous for his drama in the house has entered in the current season of Bigg Boss as a guest. Imam is sent in the house as a part of the pre-finale week task. And we have already got our first shock after his entry!

Imam Siddiqui was seen telling house-mates about their personalities according to his personal views. In this discussion, Imam exposed Prince Narula. Prince has been portrayed as one of the strongest contestants of this season. But last few days are not working on his side. Just two days back, the host Salman Khan exposed his fake relationships and now, Imam Siddiqui has exposed that Prince is using a fake name since he has been on television!

Imam asked Prince his real name. To which, Prince first said Prince Narula. But later he said his real name is Praveen Narula! Yes, Prince accepted the accusation Imam put on him. Prince himself told everyone that his real name is Praveen Narula. Shocking! Isn’t it?

Well, looks like everything Prince (Oops, Praveen) is doing on the show is fake. From fake relations to fake love angles to fake fights to now fake name! This is surely one of the biggest revelation of this season of the controversial show. We think, these expositions will surely effect on his game now. He has already won ticket to the finale week, but we are only seeing him getting weaker in the game. What’s your views? Tell us in comments below.

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