Project Nefelibata showcasing cloud walkers of Surat city launched

Calendar showcasing cloud walkers of Surat city launched

In a world dominated by men, it is really hard to find women entrepreneurs. But these two women entrepreneurs from diamond city Surat curated list of cloud walkers from the city, in which six out of twelve cloud walkers are female. Hetvi Choksi (Founder, Digital Door Surat) and Pooja Jariwala (Co-founder, Nakhra Company) initiated Project Nefelibata. Project Nefelibata is an initiative to share stories and struggles about the people of Surat who have dared to dream big, not sticking to the norms of the society. Objective behind the project was to cover 12 people who have roots in Surat city and have spread out and explored their own ideas and minds, contributing immensely towards their art and society. Along with the stories of these Nefelibatas, the duo also launched Calendar featuring these 12 people.

Nefelibatas of 2016

1. Sonal Jain (Yoga artist and physiotherapist)

2. Mithila Jariwala (Traveller and Photojournalist)

3. Dr. Mukul Choksi (Poet and Psychotherapist)

4. Ankita and Vardan Kabra (Educationists)

5. Urjista Kinariwala (Bharatnatyam dancer)

6. Snehal Shah (Architect)

7. Pooja Chaurushi (International triathlon champ)

8. Gaurav Kapadia (Drummer and sound engineer)

9. Rohit Zaveri (Artist)

10. Siddhant Shah (Automobile engineer)

11. Kapil Shukla (Theatre artist)

12. Hirika Jagani (Fashion designer)

The duo- Hetvi and Pooja met these Nefelibatas personally to get to know their stories. Hetvi being a storyteller will write stories and Pooja being a photographer will capture moments from the lives of these Nefelibatas. Project initiated by this duo is really commendable. We look forward to hear stories of these Nefelibatas and we wish them success in all their future endeavours.

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