Top 15 Dishes You Must Try in Surat

Top 15 Dishes You Must Try in Surat

Surat is the place you would want to live in if you’re a foodie. Here we have for you a list of all the dishes that you cannot miss if you are ever to visit this city, the city that should be declared the food capital of India.

15 Dishes to Try in Surat

1. Rassa wala Khaman

Khaman with a twist. This is a soupy, spicy version of our favorite Khaman

2. Mawa Kulfi

Who needs ice cream when you can have a fresh mawa kulfi?

3. Fafda

Do I seriously need to tell you about this? Fafda is possibly the most Gujarati of all food.

4. Piplod na Paratha

A Punjabi treat with a Gujarati heart and an experience of a dinner on the streets.

5. Aloo Puri

Every corner in Surat has an Aloo Puri stall for your quick snacking needs.

6. Surati Khaja

Crunchy and spicy, a perfect snack for those with a lot of hot taste buds.

7. Surti Ghari

Sweets specially made to be eaten on a full moon night.

8. Ice Dish

Ice Gola on a plate with cream and whatever sweet toppings you need.

9. Cold coco

Surat Cold Coco
City’s own Cold Coco

The drink to quench your thirst for a desert.

10. Dumas na Tomato Bhajiya

The beach, the wind and your loved ones. The only thing you’re missing is Dumas na Tomato Bhajiyas.

11. Khichu

A different taste and a different texture for a different experience.

12. Khamani

This is the sweet and pasty cousin of our beloved Khaman.

13. Ponk & Ponkwada

A seasonal snack to keep your winter bellies from remaining empty.

Add some dough to the Ponk and fry it. Use a nice chutney to add to the fun.

14. Surati Locho

Surti Locho
Surti Locho

Ask any Surati what they want for breakfast and they’ll say Locho.

15. Surati Undhiyu

A mixture of all sorts of vegetables cooked together. It is the Gujju dish.

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