Who will win Bigg Boss 9? Poll and Prediction!

Who will win Bigg Boss 9? Poll and Prediction!

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Prince Narula to win Bigg Boss 9

Ninth season of the most popular Indian reality show has come to the end. In just few days, one contestant will be crowned as the winner of ninth season of the show. Who do you think will win Bigg Boss 9? Check our prediction and public poll in the article.

Bigg Boss 9 Public Opinion Poll

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Bigg Boss 9 Winner Prediction by BuddyBits

As we have been predicting Bigg Boss winners since past few seasons, we are back with our prediction yet again. Last year, it was pretty clear that either Gautam Gulati or Karishma Tanna will win the season. Same way, I feel there are three contestants in this season who have got chance to win the show.

At the beginning of the show, Keith Sequeira, Prince Narula, Aman Verma were believed to make it to the finale. But as we know, Aman Verma is already out and even Keith doesn’t seem to have chances to win the show now. His exit from the house for three weeks due to his brother’s demise is the reason behind his decreased fan following.

Well, now coming back to the point, Prince Narula is still standing strong and he is definitely going to be in the finale of Bigg Boss 9. And the two contestants who will join him in the finale are also pretty clear now. Mandana Karimi and Rochelle Rao will be joining Prince Narula in the finale.

Top 5 Prediction

According to me, these five contestants are definitely going to make it to the finale.

  • Mandana Karimi
  • Kishwer Merchant
  • Rishabh Sinha
  • Rochelle Rao
  • Prince Narula

According to me, Prince, Rochelle and Mandana will be in top 3. Rishabh Sinha will come on fourth position and Kishwer Merchant will stand on fifth position according to me. Priya Rai, who is a wild card contestant will be standing sixth next to Kishwer.

According to my calculations, Keith and Priya won’t even stand in the finale of this season. Which means, they will get evicted in coming weeks before the final week.

Who will win Bigg Boss 9?

There’s a tough fight between Prince, Mandana and Rochelle for the winner position. All three have contributed equally to the show. After Keith’s re-entry, Rochelle has became weak. If Keith gets eliminated this week, I am damn sure Rochelle will have equal chances of winning the title.

For now, it is between Prince and Mandana. And from these two, everyone thinks Prince is leading the chart. But I think otherwise. I feel Mandana has brighter chances of winning 9th season of Bigg Boss.

Top 3 Prediction on 4th January

  1. Mandana Karimi
  2. Prince Narula
  3. Rochelle Rao

So today (4th January), we predict Mandana Karimi as the winner of Bigg Boss 9. But if Keith exits the house before finale, equations in the house will definitely change. Hence our final prediction will be posted on 16th January.

Don’t forget to check BuddyBits’s winner prediction on 16th January, 2016. Stay tuned for more exclusive insights and predictions from Bigg Boss and around the world.

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