10 Amazing Facts about North Korea

10 Amazing Facts about North Korea

North Korea should be declared the official example of irony, by the Oxford dictionary. What looks like a brutally ruled country outside, is an absolutely opposite loath of logic-less ‘leadership’. The absence of logic in daily North Korean life, creates vacuum for humor. These facts will make your day, if not anything, informed and funnier!

1. North Koreans only have 28 hairstyles to choose from.

No matter, they look strikingly similar.

2. North Korea claims to have 99% literacy rates.

On the same time, their textbooks claim Kim-Jong Un learnt driving at the age of 3. No matter there are hardly any working traffic signals in North Korea! Guess who banged into all of them!

3. Marijuana is legal in North Korea.

Someone told them to think ‘high’. Well, they did. It’s said marijuana slows your brain. Proof: The current year in North Korea is 104. That slow.

4. Meanwhile in North Korea, Red Star OS is being used.

Who needs Androi, iOS or even Windows. Red Star OS is North Korea’s very own official OS.

5. What do you mean? Nothing. Literally.

North Korea’s space agency is called NADA, which literally means ‘nothing’ in Spanish.

6. Probably the most confused country ever.

So, North Korea does arrange for elections every 5 years. And to make things less confusing for their citizens, they have only one ballot box with only one leader’s name to vote for. Thinking of ‘Ease of Living for Citizens: Level North Korea’. Another misconception: People think North Korea is a Communist country. Well tired of this tag, North Korea calls itself ‘Juche’ (a man pronouncing ‘Jews’ with paanin his mouth. That’s the exact pronunciation!) The definition of Juche, though, is derived from that of Communism.

7. Entertainment is limited to 3.

Meanwhile, while the world has moved to live streaming and HD recording, North Korea has 3 TV Channels. Also, there’re only 3 amusement parks in North Korea; all of them in Pyongyang. And, 3 generations are punished for any one member’s crime. Well someone’s obsessed with ‘3’!

8. Dumbo’s guide on how to intimidate your enemy.

Any guesses? Bombing, dragging to UN, kidnapping border forces, attacking their economy. Well, those are really ‘childish’ by North Korean standards. They send Fax to South Korean government, to intimidate them.

9. North Korea created an entire ghost town to intimidate South Korean infrastructure.

Kijong-Dong was created to intimidate South Korea. How ‘shallow’!

10. North Korea has one the world’s largest stadiums, with a capacity of 150,000 people.

It was once used for public execution. Probably the streets were too busy with other executions that day, or may be North Korean government wanted more people to come at you know, like a weekend entertainment thing or something.

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