10 Amazing Facts about Rahul Dravid

10 Amazing Facts about Rahul Dravid

Probably, no, literally the most respected Batsman (Sachin fans, silence please), commonly referred as ‘The Wall’. His stable mind set, and consistent defensive batting style helped him win accolade in all Cricketing dimensions. Here are some amusing facts about him:

1. Abhi na jaao chhod kar, k dil abhi bhara nahi!

He is the only player to have debuted and retired in the same game. The match was a T20 format against England in 2011, where he scored 31 off 21 balls.

2. Idhar chala mai, udhar chala!

Like Sachin and Ganguly, Dravid too had aspirations for other sports. Dravid played hockey, before taking up the bat, and played for Junior State Team of Karnataka too.

3. Arey deewano, mujhe pehchaano!

Dravid belongs to a Marathi speaking family. Born in Indore and brought up in Bangalore, he’s truly an ‘Indian’.

4. Lakshya toh, har haal me paana hai!

Dravid was busy playing Cricket, when his first son, Samit, was born. Dravid was busy representing ICC World XI, back then in 2005.

5. Yaha waha sara jaha dekha liya hai, kahi bhi tere jaisa koi nahi!

He’s the only player to have scored a century against all test playing teams. You name it, he has scored it!

6. Tum sa nahi dekha!

In 2004-05, he was voted the ‘Sexiest Sports Personality’, beating Sania Mirza and Yuvraj Singh. His game off the pitch, is also good!

7. Baar baar ha, bolo yaar ha!

He’s the wall for a reason. Dravid has faced 31,258 balls in Test Cricket. The highest ever in Test Cricket!

8. First victory in South Africa!

Rahul Dravid led India to its first victory in South Africa on South African soil!

9. Pehli baar, tumko maine jab dekha tha!

Dravid had spotted Sachin’s legacy, even before he played for the first time in the Indian jersey. When Dravid was still 14, he had seen Sachin play in a zonal tournament, and had declared Sachin’s umpteen skill to his friend Fazal Khaleel. Two years down the line, Sachin was selected as a 16-year-old in the Indian team touring to Pakistan.

10. Player of the year!

Dravid was the winner of ICC Test Player of the Year and ICC Player of the Year in 2004. This was when the awards were just introduced!

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10 Amazing Facts about Rahul Dravid

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