10 Reasons Why Your Mother is Your Best Friend

10 Reasons Why Your Mother is Your Best Friend

Doesn’t matter whether a guy has guts or not. One lady will always love him- his mother. Sometimes people try to define, what’s love. Well, I don’t know. When maa smiles at my stupidity or my achievements, the feeling of a thousand bells which enthrall my heart and fill me up with satisfaction, for me, that is love.

No matter how big or small you’re, no matter how smart or dumb you’re, no matter how rude or polite you’re, as the great Dayaben would say, “Maa toh maa hoti hai!”. So, here’s to the one person who can make your day happier. Or wait a min, one who has already made your life happier- Maa.

1. She knows it.

You never have to say it. Something as complex as a halting relationship, or as simple as hunger, she will understand it, without you opening up your stupid mouth.

2. She is the Google of your personal objects.

Car keys, wallet, mobile phone, watch, ID Card, and your brains- keep searching, she’ll be the final answer to all your searches. And her search results are 100% accurate. Take that, Google!

3. All she has to do is say ‘Everything will be fine’.

Remember, when while doing Homework, back in school, you would say ‘How’ll I write all these big answers in the exams’, her reply would be as simple as ‘Ho jaaega. Chinta mat karo.’ Her hand caressing your head and the same dialogue can put you at ease. Even today.

4. Cliché alert: Beta tu kitna bhi bada ho jaa, mere liye to bachha hi rahega.

This is a fact. She has all the answers to all your queries of life. Interesting fact is, at any given point of time in life, you do have queries. And she has the answers.

5. She is your source of motivation and affection.

The world may hate you for your deeds. But she has her arms open for you, always.

6. She makes you feel safe.

Safer than the American president. She holding your hand, and saying that she is backing you, will make you feel more powerful than Alexander the great. Except when you leave her pallu, well you’re back to being phattu. So stay there, in safety.

7. She is your standard of beauty.

If a girl has to win over your heart, she has to meet the beauty standards of your mother. Anything below that is not worth your time. When a guy says, “You’re as beautiful as my mother”, marry him. When a guy says, “You’re more beautiful than my mother”, punch him in the face and go away. He’s lying. You can never be more beautiful than his mother.

8. No one can cook like her. NO ONE.

That one dish, she owns it. All the ingredients, they follow her orders. And no-one on this planet can replicate that taste.

9. That Jaya Bachchan syndrome is for real.

She can biologically sense your presence.

10. Because when that head of yours, rests in her lap, the world stands still in awe.

And life becomes beautifully silent.

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Shardul Makwe
Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?

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10 Reasons Why Your Mother is Your Best Friend

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