10 Signs That You Can’t Live Without Your Best Friend

10 Signs That You Can’t Live Without Your Best Friend

Munna ka hai circuit, Jay Veeru ki Jodi hai hit
Maana desi boyz gae pitt, But the dono fit.
In all, besties bring in your life,
Hell lot of entertaining shit!

If you survived that, my dearest human being, #Respect for you. The poem (yes, that’s what it is.) may sound absurd in rhyme, but it does say one fact: Best friends bring the spice in your life. They’re like the muchh waale uncle in the MDH masala ads. Life would go smoothly without them too, but hey, then it would be no fun. So here’s the thing, when friends call up you say, “How’re you?”, when best friends call up, you say, “Why’re you?”. So, if you do have that one sweet rascal in life, this is for both of you.

Signs that you can’t live without your best friend

1. Because you don’t need words to say things.

Words, they’re for common people. You’ve weirdest gestures and home-built-alien language to communicate with your bestie. If someone ends up listening to your conversation, you may end up in Agra (the mental asylum in Agra, to be specific!).

2. Because, they already know EVERYTHING.

When that girl passes by, or that cute guy smiles at you, this person already knows all the khichdi you’re pakaaoing in your head.

3. Because the weirdest plans of your life will start, end and revolve around this person.

For example: Bro I’ll get drunk and puke in your shaadi ka mandap when you get married. So funny! Hasna! Or I’ll run away with your husband at your first night. If that kind of stuff is going between you and your bestie, congratulations- you’re on the borderline between normal and abnormal. Another such plan, and you may refer to point one, last sentence!

4. Because this person is on speed dial in your phone.

Who has the time to dial the same number from the contacts, every single day, for the rest of your life!

5. When world goes right, both of you go left. And wrong.

You flunk in the same subjects. Get thrown out of the class simultaneously. You’re official besties.

6. Dushman ka dushman dost hota hai. Aur dost ka dushman, dushman. Wait, what?

Simple, your best friend and you hate the same person. That’s it.

7. Your crying and your bestie’s laughter are directly proportional.

“Bola tha tujhe pehle hi”, the all-time clichéd dialogue. But the only shoulder you can put your head on, and cry.

8. Because you share everything with him/ her.

From how long did you struggle to buy that first copy, to getting the first kiss, to what you had in the dinner, to how did your tight pajama tear up while garba, and other embarrassing stuff.

9. You’ve similar kind of software installed.

In your brains. Checking out the same guy/ girl around; loving the same TV series, coincidentally wearing the same color; same reaction to shitty stuff; it all happens naturally.

10. Simply because, there’s no one like him/ her.

Enough said!

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Shardul Makwe
Some collect money. Some collect memories. I collect stories. They aren't right or wrong. They just are. I'm a story teller. What's your story?

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10 Signs That You Can’t Live Without Your Best Friend

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