20 Signs That Prove You Are The King of Laziness!

20 Signs That Prove You Are The King of Laziness!

I would have written a long introduction to this post. But well, I am too lazy to do it. Here are 20 signs which prove that you too are a lazy ass!


Maggi is your superman! Khana kaun banaye? When you can get your tummy filler ready in just two minutes (well, three and a half minutes)?


You are mostly seen wearing a Pajama at your home.


You are watching CID on Sony, not because you like it; but because you are too lazy to get the remote to change the channel. Itna kasht kaun uthaye?


You are the actual inventor of the odd even formula. You take bath on alternate days during Winters. And also, Chhutti from the bath on Sundays and holidays.


You hate shopping. You have like three clothes in your cupboard. Well not in the cupboard actually, lying on your bed or Sofa maybe.


Foodpanda, Delfoo, RedJinnie, Faasos, Grofers, Pizza Hut and Dominoes are on your speed dial. And all delivery boys know you personally.


Delivery boys visit your home more than your relatives and your friends. You are the one responsible for half of the revenues of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.


You eat like this.

You eat like this - 10 Signs That Prove You Are The King of Laziness!

And maybe you are reading this article in this very position.


You call or Whatsapp your mom to ask the lunch menu, even when she is sitting just 10 feet away from you.


When you are asked to clean your room, you shove everything under the bed. Like a boss.


You would rather wait for the lift to come down from the tenth floor than using the stairs to reach the first floor.


You use your vehicle to meet someone in the next apartment.


“Aaj kare so kaal kar. Kaal kare so parso.” Is your motto in life.


While travelling, the most important thing for you is to find hotel with the most comfortable bed and of course the best room service.


You would rather look like this than going for a haircut and shaving.

Beard - 20 Signs That Prove You Are The King of Laziness


When the plan made by your friends gets cancelled, you do a little Bhangra or Garba in your mind. Lying down and watching TV is always better than stepping out of the house and going to places.


You didn’t realize that I’ve missed point #12.


You didn’t even care to scroll up to see if I am correct or just bluffing. You just smiled and moved on to read the next point.


I’m too lazy to think more points now. Hence I am just wasting all the points. And you are still smiling.


You came here to check if you’re lazy or not, proves that you are actually lazy. And the fact that I wasted last four points, proves that I am the king of laziness.

Got more points? Add them in comments below.

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Nishit Jariwala
Foodie, photographer, traveler, cinemaholic, storyteller and dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit. He is captain at BuddyBits.

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20 Signs That Prove You Are The King of Laziness!

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