8 Signs That Do Not Say She is into You!

8 Signs That Do Not Say She is into You!

For all you guys out there, I know it is already a tough job interpreting the language that girls speak. Add to that her “subtle” signs, and the confusion turns multi-fold. And if the girl we are talking about is your crush, some signs can be misinterpreted in high hopes. But to make sure that they don’t crush you, we’re here! Here are 8 signs which DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT mean that she’s into you:

1. She likes your posts.

Or accepts your friend request.

2. She replies to you.

There’s a difference between talking and replying. Check if you are the one always initiating the talks.

3. She may flirt a little but she also draws the line.

No, that’s not cute. No, that’s not an invitation. No, that’s not a challenge.

4. You’re her go-to guy.

i.e. she remembers you when she needs something. (Remember Chauka from Pyaar ka Punchnama 2?)

5. She can always explain why you shouldn’t move beyond friendship. For now.

She’s not ready, just had a breakup, Mummy Pappa nahi maanenge, Koi future scope nahi hai, etc.

6. She shares stuff with you.

She may tell you a lot of what is going on in her life, but girls have a lot of categories for guys that they do not want to date but still share stuff with- good friend, really good friend, special friend, etc. Check if she gives you any of these titles and if the answer is yes, check out as soon as possible.

7. She hasn’t put me in the “bhaiya-zone”.

Yet. Check if you already are in the friend zone.

8. She asks your opinion on love.

Maybe she is just curious. Or maybe, you claim to be an expert on this and she wants to test you. Check if she wants your opinion, or if she wants to know whether you’re available or not.
P.s. Girls ask for opinions on love when they already have a guy in their mind. Check if you are the one before jumping to conclusions and declaring your love for her.

Hope that was helpful. 😛

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8 Signs That Do Not Say She is into You!

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