9 Things about Dating that We Have Forgotten!

Things about Dating that Current Generation has Forgotten!

With too many rules and expectations and involvements and readings into a simple date, often it is more than just a pure meet where two people get to know each other. The dating period is the most uncertain, yes, but the most exciting period of a couple’s life, because here is where the majority of the wooing and the “getting to know each other” happens. Today’s date scenario is quite the fast one, and in the process, there are a few sweet things that we’ve forgotten. Here are 9 beautiful things which we do not see often in the dating scene today:

1. Getting to know each other

The most exciting part of a date is the unknown, and yet trusting yourself to take a leap of faith. As a date progresses, you get to know who they are (beyond the basics), what they like/dislike, hear a few of their tales, and recount a few of your own. But thanks to the popularity of Facebook and the internet, we most often than not have already searched about them before we get to meet them. And sadly, we have also judged them whether or not they’ll be compatible with us based on their online information.

2. Asking for her phone number

Remember how much internal battle a guy had to go through before he could finally have the courage to ask for a girl’s phone number? In today’s times, phone numbers are often exchanged too casually and you might have texted the person multiple times before you go on a date. We aren’t objecting to that, but today’s teenagers don’t know the internal struggle a guy had when he had to go ask for her phone number.

3. Mix Tapes

Making a personalised tape was the most romantic gesture back then, adding all her favourite songs along with your voice (if you were brave enough) between them. Though today’s personalised gifts too are amazing, it is more-often-than-not that we see expensive gifts substituting the handmade ones.

4. “When can I have the pleasure of seeing you again?”

There was no “text you later” or “I’ll text you when I’m free”. The date was something that was looked at with anticipation, not with convenience. There was no matching of schedules to be done while planning one (at least not majorly), but the priority was to rekindle the magic of your date.

5. Romantic Phone calls

As phones weren’t so common at that time, one had to call their lover on the landline! Imagine yourself receiving the call and stretching the cord as far as possible so that you get some privacy, and then whispering into it. One used to wait all day just to hear a few minutes’ worth of their lover’s voice. The technology now has certainly eased up the process, but what we miss is the anticipation and the butterflies at talking to them on the phone.

6. Romantic Walks

Though it is replaced by long drives, the magic of a long romantic walk with someone you like, still remains the same. Take Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook, or Jay (Imran Khan) and Meghna’s ditching the car ride to prefer the walk in Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na for example.It not only gives you more time to spend with each other, but you can also do crazy stuff on the way (for ex: Lying on the road when it is empty). So next time, if the distance is short enough, try asking her, “May I walk you home?” instead of “Let me drive you home”.

7. Clear Intentions

If you were dating a girl, it meant that you were romantically interested in her. And as there were no group dates/movie dates/casual dates, one could clearly know the meaning of taking someone out, saving lots of time, misunderstandings, and emotions. Today’s complex dating scenario would be a lot better if simplified to this.

8. No “Rules”

Our seniors had no “specific-number” rule before one could be called a couple, or one could officially be called “going out with each other”. Neither did the girl have a list of rules specified by her girlfriends, fulfilling which she (they) would approve the guy. She did not possess a list of “Guy Must-haves”! Things went their natural course, which was much better and a lot less programmed.

9. Love Letters!

How can we forget what occupied the space between two meets? The long, lovely descriptions, the comparisons of your lover with beautiful things, the songs that were hand-written, and the anticipation of waiting for their letter so that you could read, and re-read, and re-re-read it? Even today, if you dig into your parents’ old stuff, you might find a love letter somewhere!

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