A Guide to Singles on How to Spend Valentine’s Day!

A Guide to Singles on How to Spend Valentines Day

Not everyone has a Valentine on February 14th, and not everyone wishes to have one. For the singles, the day might be a little awkward (if you have to face proposals you know you would say no to), scary (if your friends are hell bent on finding you that “special one” today), annoying (courtesy all those red, balloons, not able to eat outside because of couples all around doing kuchikoo, etc.), or plain boring. But who says a single can’t enjoy this holiday alone? Here are some fresh ideas on how to make your day special too, courtesy you:

1. Movie Time!!

How long have you been planning to watch that silly romcom, or that scary flick but have been postponing it because of various reasons? Well this Valentine’s, as you are snug in your bed (no waking up early to arrange surprises for someone), get that 8 DVD Harry Potter Marathon Pack. Or finish a season of your favourite TV series. And the best part- you get to eat all the popcorn <3

2. Long-lost bestie

We all have a friend we’ve been planning to meet for a long time but haven’t been able to- well, give them a call and if they aren’t busy, go spend the entire day with them!

3. Shopping

This one’s not just for girls- guys, treat yourself to shopping for new video games or whatever you shop- without any unnecessary opinions from your mom or girlfriend (not mom. Moms rock.)

4. Culinary artiste

Make that yummy dish and surprise your friends and Family-Don a chef’s hat this Valentine’s and win some hearts and compliments for that delicious cooking.

5. Musical memories

A single friend of mine answered a simple question on radio and ended up winning passes to a concert she had been wanting to go to for a long time… not only that, she MET the artists and had a wonderful time with her friends. So record a song, go to a place that does karaoke, go to a concert, or even end up DOING a concert with your family cheering you on at your home. When words fail, music speaks

6. Go out.

No seriously. Just because you’re single and the outside world is swamped with couples that day, it isn’t a reason for you to be cooped in. I’ve always found that when you go out, good things happen to you. Who knows, you might find someone who is single and brave enough to venture too (and cute we hope)?

7. Sleeeep.

A very popular option. To the smart-but-overworked people who can stay in, do not miss this opportunity to catch up on alarm-free sleep- it is pure bliss.

And lastly, while doing all these things, do not forget to fall in love- with yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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A Guide to Singles on How to Spend Valentine’s Day!

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