Entrepreneurs share their first income stories

Entrepreneurs share their first income stories!

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Do you remember how did you earn your first income? How much did you earn? Our friends at eChai asked entrepreneurs to share their first income stories. And we got pretty insightful answers. Have a look at the first income stories of these entrepreneurs.

#1 Kavita Singh (Co-founder, Rising Litera)

My first income was the token of gratitude I got from my alma mater for teaching calligraphy to students for 15 days. My first income was for website as an entrepreneur. It was the first shot which propelled me into the world of writing professionally.

#2 Shweta Joshi (Co-founder, Our Vadodara)

First income as an entrepreneur was when I was 4 years old and I sold a pen i had received as gift for Rs 5 at school.

#3 Dhawal Banker (Founder, Banker Technology)

My first income was Rs 1500, I was teaching at one of the math/ science tuition classes in summer of 2003 after my 12th board exam.

My first income as entrepreneur was couple of months back when I left my job to start my own company, it was 5k.

I always had this thought of doing something of my own, and I left the job, I felt it right. I was glad that I had my first income as entrepreneur, but I am also confident that there is much more then just an income.

#4 Schweta Merchant (Founder, Happy Minds)

My first income was Rs.100, when I published my youth magazine named Youth Power – Igniting Young Minds.

#5 Jackie Soni

My first income was Rs.500 for designing a logo. I was 13 at that time. Then slowly started analysing logos and brand identities, ad campaigns, marketing strategies, etc of companies around the world. It generated great inspiration. Now, I build such brands and I’m still learning.

#6 Shalin Shah (Founder, Magic Moppers)

The first income I earned was after my college and its was Rs. 4500! I earned it as a stipend amount working for an NGO. So somebody paid me to keep doing the good work!

#7 Ruchir Brahmbhatt (Co-founder, Ecosmob)

First income earned when I was in college. I took up a part time job in a pharma company to prepare their documents in word and excel. I did a desktop application for inventory and billing for a pharmacist after finishing college when I had no job. That can be called first income as entrepreneur. I also did one website for another person during same time.

#8 Suresh Kerai (Founder, Arkay Apps)

My first income was Rs.35 a day wage on mason work. And first income as an entrepreneur was approx $50 per month from Adsense revenue through blogging.

Do you remember yours?

Do you remember your first income story? Add them in comments. We will add selected ones in the article.

[Courtesy: Conversation thread on eChai]

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